8 May 2015

Review | YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Concealer and Foundation

This is my third bottle of the YSL Le Teint Foundation, but the first time I have ever tried the Touche Eclat which definitely seems like the wrong way around..

I have reviewed the foundation before here, and I still stand by everything I said, obviously as I've re-purchased it for the 3rd time! It definitely wouldn't work well for oily skin, but on my normal skin type it works really well. I still agree with my old blog post that it doesn't last all day, but with a touch up of powder I can make it work for a full day at work. 

I'm wearing the foundation in the photo above, which was taken on my birthday in the Natural History Museum if you were wondering! Sorry I don't have a close-up photo, couldn't take one that I thought was flattering haha. 

As for the Touche Eclat, well basically - why haven't I tried it earlier?! Firstly, I got the really cool limited edition spotty packaging which I love. But other than the packaging, the product inside is really amazing. It is a hybrid highlighter-concealer so basically, do not use on spots! It is perfect for under the eyes and highlighting down the centre of the nose which is how I've been using it. The two products compliment each other brilliantly, and blend in seamlessly to one another. 

The foundation and concealer are both available from John Lewis.
YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation - £31.50

Have you tried this duo before?


4 May 2015

Breakfast at Bills

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday Monday! I'm having a pretty relaxing one, I've made myself a smoothie, watched some YouTube videos and now I'm going to write a few blog posts. First one is all about Bills

If you live in London I'm sure you will have heard of Bills restaurants before as they have a lot of restaurants here, but what I didn't realise was that they actually have restaurants all over the country! My boyfriend took me to the one in Putney on my birthday, to give us some fuel for our day out (which I will be talking about in different posts!). 

The choice of breakfast foods is amazing, from full English breakfasts to pancakes to granola. I went for the full English breakfast and Tom went for scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. I also had cranberry juice and Tom had an Americano. Everytime I go to Bills the food is always absolutely delicious and the service is really good. 

I would really recommend going and the full english definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me!


30 April 2015

Finished by Folli Follie

Bracelets - Folli Follie*
Sunglasses - Folli Follie*

You might remember that I wrote my birthday wish list post here, Folli Follie then paired me with another blogger which was Holly from Rock on Holly. We got to pick accessories for each other and Folli Follie kindly sent them to us. Definitely go have a read of Holly's post here and see what accessories I picked for her.

I got these absolutely gorgeous bracelets, which are rose gold, silver and gold. They catch the sunlight so nicely and are definitely one of the nicest pieces of jewellery I own. I also got these aviator sunglasses, the only other pair of sunglasses I own are a pair I bought from a Spanish market years ago, so I was in definite need of an upgrade!

What do you think of the pieces Holly chose for me?


24 April 2015

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. My friend had bought me tickets for my birthday, which was so lovely of her, unfortunately she couldn't come as she was poorly so I took one of my friends from work. 

I have never been to the V&A before so I was really excited. We arrived a bit early as we had a time slot at 7.30pm and went to a cafe nearby and had a glass of wine. 7.30pm soon rolled round and we went to the museum. I managed to get a few snaps before I was told off, whoops! I honestly didn't see any signs saying no photography, so they must have been pretty subtle.

The exhibition was so interesting, there were clothes from all his well known exhibitions such as Highland Rape. He famously had a Kate Moss hologram at his NY fashion show in 2006 which is on display, it is more mesmerizing in person then any video will be. The walls were also covered in quotes from Alexander McQueen himself. They were really interesting and often a little disturbing, this was enhanced by the eerie music playing throughout the exhibition. If you're a fan of Alexander McQueen you will know that he was a somewhat troubled character which was definitely reflected in his collections and his words.

I would really recommend going to the exhibition if you get a chance, it is really inspiring and interesting to find out more about the designer behind the collections.


21 April 2015

Review | Revlon Base and Top Coat

Review | Revlon Base and Top Coat

I've been trying out the Revlon base and top coat for the last two weeks, which involved 3 changes of nail polishes. I was drawn in by the packaging, I think the frosted glass looks really expensive. They are nail varnishes that I would be happy to have on display. They say they are fast drying, which is true. But unfortunately I think that is where the positives end.

I am an Essie addict and almost exclusive use Essie nail polishes every time I paint my nails. With my old combination of the OPI Nail Envy as a base and the Rimmel top coat my nail would last for 5 days with no chips. So this is the kind of lasting power I have come to expect. The Revlon duo did not live up to these expectations. The first time I used them my nail polish chipped the same day, so I thought maybe I used too thick layers by accident. So I gave them another go, but the same thing happened again. I don't know what it is about the formula but it doesn't seem to adhere to my nail meaning that I can just peel off my nail varnish, which on the one hand is so satisfying but a little annoying when I walk out the house and notice one nail is completely missing the nail varnish! 

I haven't changed anything else in my nail routine so it isn't any moisturiser I'm using and it definitely isn't my beloved Essie nail polishes. So unfortunately as lovely as these Revlon nail polishes look, I really would not recommend.

I'm still on the look out for great base/top coats, so please leave any recommendations in the comments!


19 April 2015

NOTD | Essie Peach Daiquiri

Essie's Peach Daiquiri Nail Polish

Essie's Peach Daiquiri Nail Polish

The recent sunny weather inspired me to bring out the more colourful nail varnishes from my stash. This weekend Essie's Peach Daiquiri has been my colour of choice. It is such a lovely bright pink with a touch of coral. Funny story, I actually bought this nail varnish twice without realising haha! I think that's a sign I have too many nail colours, whoops. 

I hope you've had a lovely weekend!


14 April 2015

Life Lately | Brighton

It always surprises me how close Brighton is to London, only an hour on the train! On Friday I was able to attend a conference for work called #BrightonSEO. I found it really interesting, especially as I have only been in the industry for 6 months so I still have a lot to learn.

We went to the beach on our lunch break and it was so lovely. I have a weird hatred of sand so I was extremely happy that it was a pebble beach. It's still surprisingly comfortable to lie down on!

Obviously we wanted to take advantage of being in Brighton so a couple of us booked to stay in a hostel overnight. It was above a pub and not the nicest place I've ever stayed in but it did the job! We went to a few pubs and bars and then I finished the night sitting on the beach with fish and chips, perfect! The next day we made our way down to the pier after a nice full English to help the hangover. I spent some 2ps on the machines in the arcade, obviously. But it was so windy so we only stayed for about 20 minutes and then hopped on the train back to London.

It was so nice to explore outside of London and now I've realised how close it is, I am definitely going to go again. My boyfriend and I want to spend a weekend there, maybe when the weather is a bit better.

Anywhere else around London that you think I should explore?
Hope you're having a good week :)


PS, We failed to spot Zoella haha