29 July 2014

July Favourites

Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray £3.32
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer £7.99
Bourjois 1 Second Mascara £9.99
MAC Pure Zen Lipstick £15.50
The Body Shop Pomegranate and Raspberry Room Spray £7.00
Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner £3.57

Another month almost over so here are my July favourites! A lot of affordable favourites from me this month. I had a bit of a splurge in Boots and Superdrug at the start of the month which is why all but one of my favourites are under £10.

I've got three make-up items this month, two from Bourjois. Bourjois are a brand that I've never really been drawn towards, but I've tried a few products recently and have been very impressed. The Chocolate bronzer is an old fave of mine and very popular in the blogging community. It is so affordable but really competes with high end brands. The colour pay off is brilliant and it lasts really well throughout the day. The only thing to bare in mind is that it is quite an orange toned bronzer so I wouldn't recommend it for contouring. The second Bourjois product is the 1 Second mascara. The name instantly appealed to me as fast makeup is always a plus. This mascara doesn't take 1 second but it does give great volume and length really easily. This has become my every day mascara for when I want volume and length but don't want to sit there for 10 minutes perfecting every eyelash! The final make-up product is the one more expensive item in this months favourites and that is MAC Pure Zen lipstick. This is a gorgeous peachy pink that goes so well with a smokey eye. I've been wearing this in the daytime as well and because it's a creme sheen it keeps your lips really hydrated.

A hair favourite is the Urban Fudge Raspberry and Vanilla Hairspray. If I'm honest I bought it for the smell and it does not disappoint, it smells absolutely amazing. However it also works really well as a hairspray! It leaves no stickiness but still keeps everything in place. Next up is The Body Shop Pomegrante and Raspberry room spray (spot a raspberry theme??). This might seem a bit random, but I love the smell that candles give but I have realised that a lot of candles give me headaches. So then I tried out some diffusers but I found they didn't give out enough scent so I was looking for an alternative when I found this. This is a super sweet scent so maybe not for everyone but I love spraying it straight after I've cleaned my flat or when I know people are coming over and everyone always comments on it! I will definitely look at more scents because I am absolutely loving this one.

Last but not least is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze gradual tanner. This is the best discovery I have ever made. It has quickly become my favourite fake tan and is an absolute bargain at £3.57. When I buy gradual tanners I generally don't expect much, a lot of the ones I've tried either don't show up at all or are really orange. But this one is so different. It showed a colour on me with first application and was not at all orange. Even with constant application every day there was no streaking or patchiness. I am so so impressed with this fake tan, it really rivals some of the more expensive ones I've tried. So if you're going to give anything a go from my favourites this month then I would really recommend this tan.

Hope you've had a great month and that you find some new products from this post!


9 July 2014

Skincare Routine



It has taken me quite a while to get a skincare routine that has given me the results I really wanted. I am quite lucky that I don't get spots other than when I drink a lot of alcohol or when that time comes around, ladies you know what I'm saying. But I still wasn't fully happy with my skin, I get quite red cheeks and those under the skin bumps which are caused by congested skin (I think). I would moan about my skin not being good enough but I would only manage to give my face a quick rinse and then slap on some moisturiser, so no surprise it wasn't perfect really. Even though my skincare is still quite simple, it is really working for me. The under the skin bumps have disappeared and the redness is reduced a lot. (If anyone has any tips for redness, then please let me know as it hasn't completely gone.) I'm even comfortable going out with only under eye concealer and a quick coat of mascara, which was pretty much unheard of for me. I'd put on a full face of make-up just to nip to the shop.

I've linked all the products above and the list shows the order that I use the products. Two I have missed out are the Origins GinZing Moisturiser and the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover. I am waiting to repurchase both of these so I didn't have them to photograph but I love them both! 

The game-changers for me are the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and The Body Shop Aloe Facial Cleanser. Both of these seem to calm my skin and really help with redness. A lot of cleansers can seem quite stripping on my skin and irritate it quite easily but The Body Shop cleanser is really simple and takes off my make-up without loads of perfume scents. I don't need my cleanser to smell nice! And do I really need to speak about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir? Such a cliche blogger favourite! I use it as a toner and it can also be used as a refreshing spray. I just absolutely love it and I really notice when I've run out - one of my instant repurchases.

What are your skincare favourites?


*PR Samples

2 July 2014

June Favourites

It's favourites time again! I think I completely missed out last months favourites, so sorry about that. My blog has been looking a bit bare lately, but that's just what happens sometimes.

Two of these products were featured in my London Haul and they have since become daily staples. The Bobbi Brown lipstick is my perfect every day lipstick, it gives a nice wash of pink on the lips but nothing too in your face and it wears off really nicely as well. In the summer lipstick is the first thing I stop wearing - too much make up on your face in the heat is not nice (or very good for your skin) so I tend to strip it back to the basics. But because this lipstick is so creamy I have still been reaching for it on a daily basis. 

The next item I picked up in London was the Bumble and Bumble City Swept. I love the tousled beachy hair look and this really helps to achieve it. Definitely don't spray too much in else you can start to look a little crispy. But used in moderation and it really helps to separate curls and give your hair some shape.

Two old favourites have snuck their way in this month. I swear by the Benefit Porefessional primer, I put my make-up on a 5am and at 6pm it is still looking good and it is definitely down to this primer. I ran out a while ago and thought I wouldn't repurchase because it is pretty pricey but then I saw this cute little freebie with a magazine (sorry can't remember which one) and thought I would pick it up. This was probably a mistake because now I've remembered how much I love it I'm going to have to pick up the full size again!

Last make-up item is the Revlon cream blusher, as I was saying earlier I don't like to feel like I have much make-up on my face in the summer and too many powder products tend to make me look a bit cakey. I was always wary of cream blushers because I thought they wouldn't last and they would slide all over my face but this one is lovely. The colour is so summery and it lasts really well on my skin (normal-combination) it is almost a cream to powder finish without the heavy feel that powders can give.

Final favourite is a book. I am definitely late to jump on the bandwagon with this one - it's The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I haven't finished it yet but I am loving it. I find it quite hard to make time to read books, I tend to come home from work and spend my evening on the internet, but for this book I have made time. It is definitely an emotional one and I have shed a LOT of tears!! I know the film is out now, would people who have read the book recommend the film? Sometimes if I love a book I don't want to watch the film because it's never as good! So let me know!

Hope you're having a good week!


19 June 2014

Beauty Steal | Ciaté Freebies in Marie Claire

Above knuckle rings from Shop Dixi and heart ring was a gift

I love a good magazine freebie and this one is the best I've seen in ages! Two gorgeous little Ciaté polishes. The corally red is a lovely summer colour and the beads make for a lovely accent nail! The beads are quite messy and I am definitely still finding them all over my carpet a week later...time for a hoover I think. But I really like the effect they give. The lasting power isn't great with them so I would recommend them for a special occasion or night out. They aren't going to last as your weekly manicure.

Head to your nearest supermarket to see if they are still selling Marie Claire, it's a good magazine too so you're not just buying it for the sake of the free things!

I'm waiting for the England game to start and I'm so nervous. I love football and so I get very excited that there are 3 games of football to watch everyday at the moment! 

Hope you're having a good week


8 June 2014

Life Lately | Fishtail braids & Harry Styles

A few instagram photos of the past two weeks. Today I finally figured out how to do a fishtail braid! I always thought my hair would be too short but I actually really like it. I have also got better at cooking for myself, that delicious looking meal is chicken stuffed with goats cheese and chorizo with sweet potato chips. YUM.

But probably the most exciting two things that have happened : I went to see McBusted!! AND I went to the One Direction charity football match. My inner fan girl was going wild. 

I have loved McFly for years and years so when my friend had an extra ticket for their Birmingham show, I was so excited. The show was absolutely amazing and I love that the two bands have decided to join. It was so funny cause usually at boy band concerts everyone is about 15 but it was all their original fans who are now in their twenties or older!

The One Direction charity football match was an over-whelming experience. I do love 1D but I was so shocked at the dedication of these fans. The screaming was insane and they all had snazzy cameras and were filming everything. My mum had bought me the tickets and somehow got them 3 rows from the front so when the boys came round at the end of the game I was super close. I have to admit, I did get a bit excited at seeing Harry Styles that close to me!!

Hoep you've had a great weekend!


7 June 2014

London Beauty Haul

Living in Leicester means that good shops are scarce, especially beauty shops. So when I go to London I take full advantage of the amazing shops! Last time I was there I had a little spending spree in Libertys and Illamasqua.

I have been loving pink lips lately, MAC Impassioned is my favourite bright but I wanted some a little more daytime appropriate. I haven't tried a Bobbi Brown lipstick before but I'd heard great things so I headed straight there. There was so much choice but Bikini Pink really caught my eye, and after trying it a few times I love it!

Illamasqua's Complement palette is the first thing I've ever bought from Illamasqua. I have heard so much about the brand but nowhere near me sells it and I like to see products in person before buying. I saw their store on a bit of a whim but I am so glad I did. The sales assistants in there were so friendly and helpful. I felt so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous colours! I eventually settled on quite a neutral palette, but what I love is that there is one cream shadow which sets it apart from other eyeshadow palettes. I haven't tried this yet but I will let you know how I get on!

Final purchases were both from Bumble & Bumble. The hair(un)dressing creme is a re-purchase for me, I absolutely love it and use it most times I wash my hair. I let my hair dry naturally and this products keeps frizz at bay and gives my natural curls some shape and texture. While I was buying this I saw the City Swept spray and the description really appealed to me, 'lived in look with separation and sheen'. Pretty much exactly what I look for in hair products. I thought this might be similar to dry shampoos or texturising sprays but it is actually a lot wetter in consistency. Some people seem to not like this but I really love it! It gives a lot more hold than your average texturising spray. But the downside it is quite expensive.

Do you love London's beauty offerings as much as I do? Which other beauty stores do I need to visit next time I'm in London?


24 May 2014

Spring NOTD

After having a week holiday from work my nails have finally started growing again, yay! So I have been taking advantage and painting them lovely colours before I'm back to work and they will be or horrible and short again :( Sounds trivial, but this is very sad for a girl who loves painting her nails!!

The colour I keep going back to is Essie Lilacism. I have spoken about it before but I just can't stop using it! It is the perfect spring colour and I think it looks lovely on long nails. As you all know, I love Essie. The formula is perfect and lasts 5 days on me (when I'm not at work, obviously!).

What are you favourite spring shades?


ps, my ring is from shopdixi.com