6 October 2015

Five Autumn Essie Nail Polishes

Blue - Mind Your Mittens
Burgundy - Bordeaux
Grey - Chinchilly
Lilac - Warm & Toasty Turtleneck
Gold glitter - Rock at the Top

Inspired by Helen from The Lovecats Inc post on her new Essie purchases, I thought I would pick out my five favourite Essie A/W shades. I am a huge Essie nail polish fan, pretty much my whole nail polish collection is Essie with a few from Topshop and Rimmel in there as well. They last so well on my nails, used with a base and top coat they can last up to 5 days which is amazing.

I love how all my favourite colours have wintery sounding names, I think Essie names are always so cute. So starting with Mind Your Mittens, this is a gorgeous dark teal blue, I don't really like lighter blue nail polishes, but this one is lovely. Bordeaux is my classic burgundy shade that no A/W nail polishes choices should be without! Chinchilly is a really sophisticated grey, I think grey can sound pretty dull and boring but I think it's very chic. Warm & Toasty Turtleneck has possible the cutest name ever, it's a dusty purple which I would describe as an A/W take on a lilac. Finally is the star of the show Rock at the Top, now I know most people might save this until Christmas but during Autumn I like to put this gold glitter as an accent nail, often on my little finger and it looks so nice!

What are your favourite A/W nail polishes?


30 September 2015


Sometimes I can get stuck in a funk when I'm in a bad mood for absolutely no reason, and I try to remember that sometimes it's the little things in life that can make you happiest, whether that's a cup of tea on a rainy day, an oreo ice cream in the sunshine (omg it was delicious) or even bubbles! 

I was kindly sent a 'happiness pack' by Viking recently which promised to make a 'glass half empty' person into a glass half full! There was a little bubble making pot alongside some other goodies including yummy teas and biscuits and a lotto ticket, which unfortunately didn't win anything for me. When I opened it I started blowing bubbles in the office and we all thought it  was amazing, something as simple as a few bubbles seems to make people so happy! I'm so sorry there aren't any photos of the other little goodies, but I ate/drank them all before I got a chance!

Then a week after I was out in Stratford with all my family and my dad bought my sister and my little cousins a giant version of my bubble pot. All the adults tried to pretend we were too grown up and sat watching...but that only lasted about 5 minutes, we all had to have a go. It was even making all the people watching smile (until the bubbles started getting a little too close for comfort and nearly bursting over their heads..).

I think it's important to remember that just taking some time out to yourself to relax is really important and can have a huge impact on your happiness. And if in doubt just buy yourself a bubble machine and you'l be giggling away in no time.

What little things do you do to get yourself out of a funk and back into a good mood?


29 September 2015

Being a tourist in our own city

London is an amazing city, but I tend to stick to the area I live at the weekends and don't venture into central that often. But on Saturday my mum came to London which was the perfect excuse to be a tourist. We booked tickets for an open top bus tour which was so much fun  and the weather was perfect for it. 

We booked our trip with Original Tours and went on the red tour which takes you past all the classic attractions including Big Ben, the Tower of London and the Shard. Even though it seems a bit of a cheesy thing to do, it was actually really fun. It also reminded me of the episode of Friends when they go to London.

Once my mum left Tom and I went to the Olympic Park to watch the England rugby game with some of my friends. It was so much fun, the atmosphere was amazing. I definitely want to get down there again to watch another game at some point. 

It was so nice to spend the day being a tourist in our own city. It has made me want to make the effort to explore more often. But I know that next weekend I'll probably spend the whole weekend in my flat! 


27 September 2015

Beauty | MAC Mehr Lipstick

My first beauty post in a while! It has been motivated by this gorgeous MAC Mehr lipstick recommended by my pal, Dani. She always has such fab lip colours so when she let me try on her lipstick I knew I'd like it. FYI in this photo she is wearing MAC Diva which is another lipstick on my wishlist!

To be honest, I probably would never have picked it out as I think it looks a little dark in the tube. But it was love at first swipe. I haven't heard much about this lipstick shade from other bloggers so I wanted to draw your attention to it! It is a matte shade which I really like, it lasts really well and I only need to reapply it after eating. Most of my other neutral shades are creme sheen which I do like, but I find they don't last quite as long. It's a perfect day to day shade, I think the slightly darker shades are actually much more flattering than lighter pinks. 

What do you think of this shade? And let me know what other MAC lipstick shades I need to try!


24 September 2015

I have internet!

Totally random photo that is in no way related to the title of this post but oh well let's focus...we have internet in our flat!! As a social media addict and blogger, having no internet was not fun. I managed to use 7GB of data in ONE month which apparently is pretty impressive. I mainly blame snapchat tbh. I forget how much data those little video clips use.

We still need to make a lot of finishing touches to our flat including some storage bits. I'm thinking Ikea as it isn't too expensive but if you have any other ideas, then definitely leave them in the comments! We are also getting Sky tv next week. I have a LOT of tv to catch up on! It might seem really expensive but we're lucky that we have a friend who works there so we can get a nice discount so it's not too bad.

Anyway, I'm going to get working on some new posts so hopefully there will be some new content here soon!


17 September 2015

Home Cooking

Food is a huge passion of mine. I love healthy and unhealthy food equally. But since moving into our flat we have tried to cook more at home. I've actually been really enjoying it! Some days we cook together or we take it in turns to cook for each other. 

I take full credit for the chilli (a Hairy Bikers recipe) and breakfast pan inspired by Rosie from The Londoner. Homemade guac is also a speciality of mine, although I'm not convinced I make it properly...but it tastes delicious still! When it comes to cooking spicy chicken and pork chops - that's Tom's area, I don't know why but it always tastes better when he cooks it! 

We also find we have to balance what we cook as I'm permanently on some kind of 'diet' or healthy eating thing, whereas Tom is one of those people who can eat what he wants and never put on weight. So while he'll cook white rice, I will put some brown rice on for me. Or he'll have chicken with pasta and I'll just have it as a salad.

Do you enjoy cooking at home? What recipes should I try next?


14 September 2015

New Home

As you may already know from my many tweets (@aztecmess) and snapchats (tori_carlisle), Tom and I moved into our first flat just the two of us! After being together for over 4 years and living with flatmates and separately, we thought it was about time that it was just the two of us. I am absolutely in love with our flat and I'm really enjoying making it homely. 

Obviously we have that annoying couple of weeks with no tv and internet, I will never understand why it takes so long?! So blogging will be a little sporadic, but hopefully once we have internet I can get back into a more regular routine. I would expect a lot of interior themed posts as well as exploring the new area we live in. 

Any interior blogs I need to read? I just read the Lovecats Inc blog post and now I need to go to H&M home!