24 June 2013

Review | Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser

Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser £31.50*

'anti ageing benefits, reveals a brighter and smoother skin surface, leaves skin looking radiant'

I've been using the Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser for the past 2 weeks, it's the most expensive cleanser I own so I was interested to see if it lived up to its claims. I had been having a really bad skin time before I started using this, literally every day I would wake up to a new spot - I still have no idea what caused this but I'm putting it down to stress! Two days after using this morning and night I stopped getting any new spots and I haven't had any since which is amazing as I was getting so used to being spotty! This cleanser seems to also be helping with spot scarring. After larger spots have faded they always leave a dark mark (lol Harry Potter ref.) which won't fade for quite a few weeks, but all the marks that had been left by all my stress spots have faded so much quicker than normal. I'm not sure on the anti-ageing benefits of this as I am only 21, but I do think my skin looks a lot brighter and I feel much happier without make-up than I did before using this.

A couple of extra points about this cleanser; you can't help but notice the smell which I think is absolutely gorgeous, it smells like baby, yep literally just like a baby - a mix of talcum powder and baby lotion. I don't know what this would mean for people with really sensitive skin but it hasn't affected my skin in a negative way at all. Also, this cleanser is targeted for people with normal - dry skin types, my skin is probably normal to combination but this didn't make my skin any oilier but it's something to bear in mind. 

The bottle I've got is 59ml and the 177ml retails for £31.50 from QVC. I would highly recommend this and I think it is definitely worth the price, I've been using mine for 2 weeks and barely used any up so it will last a long time! I hadn't really tried any Perricone MD products before but I will be looking into the brand some more.

*Item sent to me as a PR Sample


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