31 July 2013

Review & GIVEAWAY | Vita Liberata

I am so excited to be running my first ever giveaway on my blog! I was kindly sent these products to review by Vita Liberata AND products to give away to one of you! You will be able to win all three products featured in the photos; the Tinted Self Tan Lotion in Medium, the Super Fine Skin Polish and the Tanning Mitt. But first I will let you know what I think of the products.

Tinted Self Tan Lotion - First thing to point out is on the cardboard packaging it says it is a Tinted Self Tan Lotion, whereas on the actual packaging of the product it says it's a gel. I personally find it to be more of a lotion consistency. But technicalities aside, I absolutely loved the product. It's tinted so really easy to see where you are applying it and it sinks in really quickly so you don't have to wait around for long. It claims to be odourless but I can still smell a slight smell but nothing like other fake tans I have tried. It also says it lasts for up to 7 days, I personally found it lasted nearer to 5. But I think if you take proper care to moisturise every night it could last the full week. Also, it fades really nicely and didn't go patchy on me at all. The colour is really nice and natural and you look like you've just come back from holiday, and isn't that what everyone looks for in a fake tan??

Super Fine Skin Polish - This is a really nice gentle exfoliator to use before the fake tan to get rid of any dead skin cells. It is a really effective scrub without drying out your skin which I also find a hard balance with exfoliating products. It smells really nice and leaves a good base to apply your fake tan on top of.

Tanning Mitt - The final products you could win in the giveaway is the tanning mitt. I think all tanning mitts are pretty standard and similar and this one did the job really well!

So in order to get your hands on these products then complete the Rafflecopter entries below! The giveaway ends in two weeks! Good luck!!!

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  1. I'm so bad at fake tan... i never do it!! i need to though! especially in summer! :)

  2. Always wait for an hour or so after moisturising before applying tan - and always moisturise!

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    Rachel xx

  3. My fake tan resumes to my Harmony blush by MAC, which i use for contouring ! :))

  4. Exfoliate a few days before (twice if possible) and moisturize every single day! It's a lot of effort to make the tan look great but it's worth it. I'd love to try this one :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  5. My best fake tanning tip is always try and exfoliate first, but don't use a scrub that is oil based! Tan and oil aren't the best of friends! However, if you want to remove a patchy tan, body oil comes in handy ;)

    cosmeticcrave.com xxx

  6. I think the best tip is to use gloves when applying it!




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