8 July 2013

Summer Series | Lips. MAC vs. Drugstore

My summer lipstick choices are usually between an orangey red or a hot fushia pink. For today's Summer Series I have chosen my 2 favourite MAC lipsticks and then two very similar lipsticks which are cheaper alternatives!

MAC Impassioned £14.00 & Rimmel Kate Moss 02 £5.49
The Rimmel Kate Moss is a darker fushia that the MAC alternative, whereas the MAC one is much more neon and bright. The MAC one has an amplified finish so it is super pigmented, it isn't too drying and it doesn't budge. The Rimmel one is still as pigmented but is a little more moisturising, however this means it doesn't last quite as long on the lips. Both absolutely gorgeous colours and I get loads of use out of both of them.

MAC Morange £14.00 & Topshop Infrared £8.00
These colours are extremely similar, the MAC one is perhaps a little more neon when on the lips, although in the swatches it looks darker. Morange is also an amplified finish and so has the same attributes as Impassioned. Infrared is also extremely pigmented but it is a little more 'slippy' on the lips, so I usually apply it, bite a tissue to create a sort of stain and then apply again. I find it lasts a lot longer when I do this, but it would still need reapplying more than Morange.

I absolutely love MAC lipsticks but at £14.00 each I need to find some cheaper alternatives! I hope these provide good alternatives for you. There are so many good ranges of cheaper lipsticks but I also find myself going back to MAC as I love the lasting power they give as I hate reapplying lipsticks. Any other good MAC dupes??



  1. This is such a good idea for a post! Thanks for sharing, these are gorgeous colours :) I really want to pick them up now :D x


  2. I really need to try a Topshop lippy, this colour looks perfect!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  3. Must try Topshop lipsticks, this was a great post xx

  4. Loving this post! Still need to try out some Topshop makeup goodies! MAC is my little guilty pleasure but i always like discovering great dupes :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog



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