20 August 2013

Beauty Steal | Natural Collection Blushes

Another beauty steal today, these are Natural Collection blushers which are £1.99 each! What a bargain. Usually when things are this low in price there is a compromise on packaging and on quality. I have to admit the packaging is not great, it is plastic and feels quite flimsy. However the quality was definitely not compromised, which surely is the most important thing?

I have the colours Pink Cloud and Peach Melba, I'm sure you can see which is which in the photos but if not, Pink Cloud is on the left and Peach Melba is on the right. Peach Melba is showing up much darker and more brown-toned in these photos, it is more of a peachy colour and is comparable to MAC Melba blush. Both colours are really pigmented and blend really easily. I wear these on a daily basis and you can barely tell I've used them so they will last for ages.

These blushers are such a good deal and I would really recommend trying them if you're new to blusher or you can't afford to spend lots on a more expensive brand.



  1. Pink Cloud is such a lovely and wearable colour! Loveeely x


  2. I used to have the most amazing bronzing pearls from Natural Collection, the colours were gorgeous, these look really pretty :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back.


    Frankie xXx

  3. I really like the look of these, especially Pink Cloud. I've heard so many good things about Natural Collection blushes.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  4. I love natural collection things! There so cheap and I love the lash length mascara too!


  5. The colors are so delicate and pretty xx

  6. I have both of these as well! You really can't much better in terms of shades and pigmentation for the price, the only thing that annoys me is that the blush in both of mine has come detached from the pan haha. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger


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