31 August 2013

Cocktail Making | Amaretto Sours

If I ever go out for cocktails I will always go for an Amaretto Sour. When I was at uni in Manchester there was a bar near where I lived called Font and it sells cocktails for £2!! So cheap, which is excellent when you're on a student budget. Font is where I first formed my love for this cocktail. But when I realised how simple it was to make I thought I'd give it a go at home!

What you need:

Amaretto (Disaronno is the same as Amaretto)
Lemons (or lemon juice)

Making cocktails is dependent on your taste buds, I do like sweet cocktails but I can only have one or two before they make me feel a bit sick. So I make my Amaretto Sours more on the sour side, so I add less sugar. For my drinks I use the juice of a whole lemon (or one shot of lemon juice), half a spoon of sugar, 1&1/2 shots of Amaretto and a whole lotta ice!

I think this cocktail is way better than your standard Cosmopolitan or Sex on the Beach. Give it a try! Saturday night cocktails anyone?



  1. Ohh this is a fun post :D I am quite partial to a cocktail haha. Disaronno is not my favourite drink but i would give it a try :)

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  2. I love a good cocktail will definitely try this out !

    -xoxo, Selorm.

  3. I love cocktails but have never tried this one! Plus how cheap we're those cocktails !! Wow !!


  4. OMG I loved Font! I went to Manchester uni too. I went back to Manchester a few weeks ago and they've now opened up a Font in Chorlton. Had to have a few amaretto sours for old times sake.

    I'm living in London now and everything seems so expensive compared to what it was like in Manchester.

    Rachael x


  5. I love Amaretto Sours! I haven't had one for ages, I shall have to put that right! I'm always worried about making my own in case I massively mess them up! xx


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