5 August 2013

Comparison | Real Techniques Buffing Brush & Expert Face Brush

Left: Expert Face Brush     Right: Buffing Brush

The Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Expert Face Brush are talked about loads in the beauty blogging community, along with most other Real Techniques brushes. I think this brand of brushes, which are made by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo, are such good value for money. They are far cheaper than MAC alternatives and although I've never bought a MAC brush I don't feel I need to at the moment as I can't see how they can be worth the extra price.

I've had the Buffing Brush for over a year now, this brush comes in the Core Collection with 3 other brushes which is available for £21.99. I recently purchased the Expert Face Brush which is sold on its own for £9.99. I didn't buy this brush because I was in need of it but because I was curious as to whether it would be better than the Buffing Brush. So in this post I will discuss the differences and let you know which one I prefer and why! The Expert Face Brush is smaller and more dense than the Buffing Brush, which you can see in the photos. I have used them both to apply my liquid foundations, so this comparison only looks at how they apply liquid foundations as I don't wear powder or mineral foundations.

I was happy with my foundation application on the whole with the Buffing Brush, however I did find that sometimes it took me longer to work in certain types of foundation. For example it worked really well with the very liquid formula of Revlon Nearly Naked but I struggled with it with more gel based foundations such as MAC Studio Sculpt. With the heavier foundations it would take a long time to buff the product in and even then it could sometimes look a little streaky. Whereas the Expert Face Brush worked really well with my heavier foundations as well as the lighter ones. I found that because the Expert Face Brush is denser it gives a heavier coverage and it takes far less time to work the product in. I also love the size of this brush, I think it's perfect for going round your nose and under the eyes.

Both brushes are really versatile but my preference would be the Expert Face Brush as I find it gives a more flawless finish and works with all my foundation options. Another positive is that it can be bought by itself whereas the Buffing Brush can only be bought as part of the Core Collection.

Have you tried these brushes? Which do you prefer?



  1. I prefer the expert face brush i love it use it everyday. I do also use the buffing brush for blending my brozer and blush

    Carrieanne x


  2. oooh i need to pick up the exxpert face brush - sounds amazing! :)

  3. Ahh I've been looking for a post like this!! Literally just bought the expert face brush and glad I did :) thanks!! Xx

  4. I love the expert face brush, I find it perfect for contouring! I'd love to give the buffing brush a go though xx

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  6. Buffing brush *thumbs up*


  7. I use both brushes every day! I love the expert face brush for liquid foundation but I still use my buffing brush for powder, etc.
    They're both amazing brushes and you can't beat Real Techniques in my eyes!



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