15 August 2013

Maintaining Your Tan

The sunny weather in England seems to be over, it has been replaced with wind and rain which makes me very sad. But what makes me even more sad is that I can no longer keep topping up my tan! I absolutely love being tanned, I just generally feel better with a bit of colour. So in this post I will be sharing my tips to maintain what ever tan you might have left!

1. Reduce exfoliation
Exfoliating before you go on holiday is really good but once you're home each time you exfoliate you take off the top layer of your skin which means the top layer of your tan!

2. Shower gels
Switch up your usual shower gel for a more moisturizing one. I would recommend the new in shower moisturiser from Nivea, or go for a more oil-based one like the L'Occitane Almond shower oil (note: this will not work if you are wearing fake tan - oils and fake tan don't mix).

3. Moisturise
We should all moisturise every time we get out the shower anyway but I definitely don't. But if you want your tan to last then you should make the effort! One of my main issues with moisturising is that it takes so long to sink in, but the Vaseline Essential Moisture sinks in really quickly but still provides a lot of hydration, this makes it perfect for mornings when you're in a rush. For in the evenings when you have a bit more time on your hands I'd recommend the Palmers Cocoa Butter as it is much richer and provides more hydration. I took this mini one on holiday with me and applied it every night which helped me not to peel.

4. Gradual tanners
My final tip is to start applying a gradual tan, I've been using the Johnsons Holiday Skin body lotion. I've used it mainly on my legs as this is where my tan starts to fade quickest because of shaving. It just gives a hint of colour which is really natural looking and helps to keep my tan going.

I hope you liked these tips to try to maintain your tan, if you have any more then please leave them in the comments! Let's hope the sun comes back though!


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