3 August 2013

Lipstick Collection | High End

L-R:  YSL Peach Passion, MAC Morange, MAC Cyber, MAC Hue, MAC Creme Cup, MAC Impassioned, Chanel Boy

Since starting my blog my high end lipstick collection has been increasing. I know it is relatively small compared to other bloggers with only 7 products, but I'm sure it will keep getting bigger!

I have four nudey peach/pink options which are probably my most worn, everyday lipsticks. MAC Hue was my first high end lipstick and it's very nearly finished. It's quite a sheer lipstick and doesn't last that long on the lips but it is the perfect colour. I bought MAC Creme Cup as it seemed to be similar to Hue but as it's a creme sheen finish it lasts longer on the lips. I was lucky enough to win YSL Peach Passion in a blog giveaway, it is the most peachy lipstick I own so I find it a bit more difficult to wear than the more pinky toned lipsticks. Finally in this set of options is my newest purchase, the gorgeous Chanel Boy. I haven't worn this much yet but I think it's such a gorgeous colour, a slighty darker pink tone which makes it really different to the two MAC lipsticks.

The other three lipsticks are slightly more daring, statement colours. I'm not usually brave enough to wear these everyday, so they are usually only used for nights out. My favourite of these would be MAC Morange which is a bright orange, I love this for nights out when I have a tan. The scariest looking lipstick I own is MAC Cyber, I really like this but my friends and family think it's too dark so I haven't really worn this. Finally is MAC Impassioned, this used to be a favourite of mine but I seem to have been leaning more towards more red/orange colours recently. But I do still love this lipstick and I've used it a lot.

I will be continuing my lipstick collection in the next few weeks. I have too many drugstore lipsticks to do it all in one post so I will be splitting them up into brands. So keep an eye out for a few more posts coming! Finally I hope you've been able to notice that my blog photos are improving, I am slowly getting to grips with my new camera :)



  1. Nice collection!


  2. I really want MAC hue.. it looks like the perfect everyday shade!

  3. Nice collection :) I have peach passion and Impassioned.


  4. Creme Cup! I want it so badly! love your collection x


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