13 August 2013

Lipstick Collection | Revlon

The next installment of my lipstick collection are my Revlon lipsticks. I showed my high-end lipstick collection HERE, which included MAC, Chanel and YSL. I think drugstore brands do lipsticks so well and their formulas are often really comparable to higher end brands and for a fraction of the price. I have tried a few of the Revlon formulations, the Lip Butters, the Matte Lipsticks and the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.

I have two of the Revlon Lip Butters in the colours Juicy Papaya and Raspberry Pie, this gives me one bright option (Raspberry Pie) and a more everyday nude/peach option (Juicy Papaya). The colour pay off on Raspberry Pie is surprisingly good, I expected these to give a more sheer coverage. Juicy Papaya doesn't have as good a pay-off but I think that's just because it is a much lighter colour. The finish is quite glossy, but if you blot it then you can create a good stain which is what I tend to do with Rapsberry Pie. But I love that I can re apply Juicy Papaya without a mirror as you don't need to be as precise as you would with a lipstick.

The next formulation is the Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick, I have the colour Really Red. Although this formulation is matte, it is not drying. I think it is the perfect formula for a red lipstick as it stays on your lips for a lot longer and you don't have the fear of it smudging onto your teeth or chin. The colour Really Red is gorgeous, it is quite a dark-ish red which I think looks really classic.

The final Revlon formulation I've tried is the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush. The first thing I really noticed about this is the smell! It is so minty, which I quite like but a lot of people seem to hate the smell on other reviews I have read. Even though these are meant to be a 'balm' stain, I actually find this to dry my lips out - not when I am wearing it necessarily, but the few days afterwards my lips seem really really dry which is odd. But I really love the colour so I just rely on my trusty Nuxe lip balm afterwards.

I really like Revlon as a brand and all of these have really impressed me. I have another few editions of my lipstick collection coming up as there is still a lot of lipsticks to show you! I definitely don't need to be buying anymore anytime soon!



  1. I love that lip stain too but I have the same problem as you! After I wear them my lips feel dry for 2-3 days after so I have to up my lip care crazily! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has that problem.

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Really want to try these lip butters no got many revlon products need to invest in more

    Carrieanne x


  3. You can't go wrong with a lip butter!

  4. I have the Raspberry Pie Lip Butter and love it! :)

    Nat. xx


  5. Love Revlon, they're such a great brand and their products are of great quality too, especially the Lip Butters! xo

    Hannah xo| Glitter and Sparkle


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