2 August 2013

Review | V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir

I'd been looking to buy a hair oil for a while as the ends of my hair gets really dry because it's bleached. I was looking at the Moroccan Oil but I just couldn't justify the price as I'm a bit lazy when it comes to hair care. Then on one of my many outings to Boots I spotted the V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir. It comes in a 50ml bottle for £5.19 which I think is a really good price because with hair oils you don't tend to need a lot.

I really like the packaging, it's in a squeezy bottle with a pipette to get the product out which makes it really easy to get the right amount for your hair. I also found the squeezy bottle made it great for me to take on holiday as I didn't have to worry that it would break in my suitcase.

I used this product for the whole 2 weeks I was in Spain and was so impressed. When I'm on holiday my hair tends not to get heat damaged as I am too hot to use any straighteners or anything. But there is a whole different group of things damaging my hair. The chlorine and heat from the sun destroy my hair and the salt in the sea really dries it out. So I thought that even though I wasn't using heat, the 2 weeks abroad were still a fair test for the product.

Right so onto the product itself, firstly it smells gorgeous which is always a bonus. It says it is an 'intensive leave in treatment which intensely conditions and repairs dry and damaged or frizzy hair, adds radiant shine and helps reduce damage cause by blow drying'.  The V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil and anti-oxidants. I am in love with this product, I think it does everything it says it will. My hair felt so soft despite all the heat and chlorine and it was really lovely and shiny too.

I am so impressed with this and for only £5.19 I think it's an absolute bargain and I would 100% recommend!



  1. oooh this is just what i need! my hair gets so dry in the summer!!

  2. Oh loved the review on this and think I might need to treat myself!

  3. Love when you find cheap products that are actually amazing!!


  4. Sounds nice! I'm looking for a hair oil right now. Did you find that it improved the condition of your hair or did it just make it nicer while you had it on?


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