21 August 2013

What's in my Make-up Bag | The Friend Edition

I stayed at one of my best friends, Naomi's, house last night and obviously I had to have a rummage through her make-up bag! So I'm going to do a what's in my make-up bag ~the friend edition ~, even though I haven't done my own what's in my make-up bag! But I'm sure that will feature soon.

Naomi has the kind of skin we all envy, no spots, no under eye bags, cute freckles, tans easily etc etc - you get the picture. So I was intrigued as to what make up she wore as she's more of a natural beauty whereas I love putting a full face on every day. I picked a few things out to show you, and to add to my wishlist!

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for normal/dry skin is her base of choice, I still haven't tried BB creams but this one has an SPF of 15 and is a low-medium coverage. It's the kind of base that doesn't mask the skin, it helps to even everything out and hide any redness.

Naomi loves the Body Shop Eye Palette in Smokey Copper so much that she has TWO back-ups!! Unfortunately this was a limited edition palette, which is why when she went to replace it she bought the last two that the shop had! The colours are so gorgeous, really lovely warm toned shades which she wears on a daily basis for a subtle work-appropriate look. The Body Shop Shimmer Cube palette in Warm looks really similar, so maybe give that a try if you like the look of it! Whereas on nights out she favours more cool-toned grey smokey eye make-up, she predominantly used colours from a Sleek palette, which I think was the Bad Girl palette.

The No7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer really reminds me of the Clarins bronzers but for half the price! I love bronzers with multiple colours, I think it makes the effect much more natural. This bronzer doesn't seem to come in any other colours, so it may be a bit light for darker skin tones. The lighter shade in the palette has a slight shimmer to it, whereas the darker is matte, so the darker shade could be used to contour.

Finally is the Le Volume de Chanel Mascara. Naomi actually got this as a sample from Chanel when they were offering to send a restricted number of samples out with no purchase necessary - how did I not hear about this offer?! She loves it but doesn't know whether to re-purchase or go for a Lancome one after hearing such good reviews about Lancome. Obviously my holy grail mascara is Lancome so I'd recommend that, but I haven't tried the Chanel one. Leave a comment saying which you think she should go for!

Hope you liked this sneak peak into my friend's make-up bag, I thought it would be interesting to feature other people's make-up preferences which are different from my own. I might try to do this more often if it's something that interests you. Mum, get ready - your make-up bag is next!



  1. This is such a good idea for a post! I might have a nosey through my besties make up bag now! xx

  2. I'd love to try that mascara, I heard so many amazing thingsabout it x


  3. Great post idea, i may have to have a rummage through one of my besties bags now :) The BB Cream sounds fab! :) xx


  4. Fab post! love your blog by the way - may have to return here to stalk you more!


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