16 September 2013

Blog Love #2

The second installment of my Blog Love series, you can read my first one here! I've picked out another 3 blogs that I love to share with you all. Also, since my last blog love post, I have added a Blogroll page which you can find on the right underneath my picture. I've put loads of links to some of my favourite blogs on there so go have a look!

A Rosie Outlook
First up is Rosie's blog. I love everything about this blog from the style of writing to the photography and most of all I love the variety. Rosie posts about her outfits (and not ridiculously over-styled that you see on some fashion blogs, these are real outfits that you could actually wear!), her days out, fitness updates and some home-y posts too! It's one of those blogs where you can just get lost for hours scrolling through. So go check it out, but make sure you have a spare hour or so!

Fashion Fade
If I could steal someones wardrobe, it would be Penelope's. I thought she might have stopped blogging but it's okay, she's back and hopefully here to stay! Her style is gorgeous, it's exactly how I want to dress, but somehow I just can't pull it off. I also have serious hair envy!!

Little Winter
Whenever I read Katy's blog I get life envy. Everything about her life seems perfect (I know it's probably not, but that's the beauty of lifestyle blogs - She actually wrote a post all about Perfect v Reality). Katy and her boyfriend do outfit posts together which I think is adorable. But I also love how there is usually a lifestyle element involved, they don't just post the outfits, they tell you what they've been up to.

All three of these blogs of must-reads of mine, so please go and check them out :)



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