9 September 2013

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It's been a while since I've done a hair care post, I mentioned a couple of products I liked in my Summer Saviours post, but I've been using some different things recently so I thought I'd update you! Hair care isn't something I tend to spend a lot of money on. I don't know why, I just don't find it as exciting as make-up and skincare. Also I think there are lots of great products available in Boots and Superdrug. So all of the products I'm going to talk about are very affordable.

V05 Heat Protect styling spray £3.69
Right lets get the boring one out of the way first. Everyone needs a heat protectant, I wouldn't say this was amazing but it does the job well and it says it protects up to 230 degrees which is really good. Any heat protectant recommendations would be great as I've yet to find one that I really like.

L'Oreal EverRiche Mask (£6.99) & Conditioner (£5.99)
After hearing so much about the new L'Oreal ranges, I caved and bought into the hype. I didn't buy the shampoo as I have a really sensitive scalp and I just know I wouldn't get along with it. I decided to go for the EverRiche range, which is targeted at dry and very dry hair. My hair probably wouldn't be classed as very dry but as I bleached it for so long, and still bleach the ends it is definitely dry. The first thing you notice is the smell. Oh wow. It is absolutely gorgeous! It says it contains botanical oils, camelina and apricot seeds. The smell really lingers on your hair which is amazing. The conditioner is perfect for use every time you wash your hair, it is quite rich but it doesn't weigh down my hair like some rich conditioners do. And I tend to use the mask once a week, you only have to leave it on for 3-5 minutes so you can do it while you're in the shower. when I wash it off my hair feels so soft and smooth

Naked Rescue Hair Treatment (£1.29 for a sachet)
For someone who has never liked doing hair masks, to now have two rotating in my routine is quite surprising! This is another one you only have to leave on for 3-5 minutes, however it recommends wrapping your hair in a warm towel, so this one is best to do while you're having a relaxing bath. I really like how this is 97% natural so no nasty ingredients. I don't find it as rich as the L'Oreal EverRiche offering, but it is a nice alternative. They don't seem to sell the big tubs of this anymore, they only sell sachets, I'm not sure why but it's a nice cheap treat!

V05 Miracle Concentrate (£5.19)
I love this so much that I've done a full review on it here. Since that review I have continued to use it everyday and I definitely can see a lasting effect on my hair, the ends are in a much better condition and aren't snapping off like they used to it also gives my hair a really nice sheen to it which makes it look really healthy.

BB Texture hair(un)dressing creme (£22 for full size)
This has been the only styling product I've been using lately, I've even been neglecting surf sprays which is unlike me. This has a texture almost like semi-wet glue, you only need to use the smallest amount, too much and you'll have crispy hair. I work this through the underneath and ends of my hair, it gives a really nice matte texture and stops my hair going wispy. This mini is only £10 and I've been using it for months, so it lasts a really long time so if you can find the smaller size then it is quite affordable.

Do you splurge on hair care or tend to stick to Boots & Superdrug like me?



  1. I'm still yet to try the L'Oreal EverRiche shampoo/conditioner. Think I may get some today and give them a whirl :) I'm having a Cult Beauty Giveaway if you want to have a look! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. I'm yet to try the L'Oreal Masks from the Ever Riche Range. I love the shampoo and conditioners though. I have a very sensitive scalp and they don't irritate it at all. I often switch around shampoo/conditioner and come back to them to soothe my scalp from ones which do.


  3. I've had my eye on the L'Oreal EverRiche Mask for a while.. this may have just tipped me over the edge to buy it! :)
    The Style Picnic


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