1 September 2013

Sunday Post #11

I took this snap out of my bedroom the window. The sky was such a gorgeous colour! I can't believe it is September already, this summer has flown by. Although I love summer I'm really excited for Autumn to properly arrive. I find it hard to dress for summer as I tend to only have a few summer outfits I really love and I've worn them all far too much recently! So I'm looking forward to the Autumn trends.

Not much to update you on this week. My best friend from uni has been in Australia on a year abroad for over a year but she is finally home so she came to stay with me. We ate so much chinese food and drank lots of wine, standard! It was amazing to catch up with her and all her stories make me really want to go travelling!!

I'm currently watching United v Liverpool and getting very stressed out! But I'm off to a neighbours birthday drinks later on, so I'll drown my sorrows!! Hope you've had a good weekend!



  1. Love your blog! I'm your new follower. I would like you to follow me back! Thanks you


  2. Love that sunset, now I think I should do a post with just pictures from one week of sunsets. For some reason they really help me destress. :)



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