8 September 2013

Sunday Post #12 | Autumn

Jumper from Topshop last year.

The weather has turned this week, it feels like Autumn is almost here. I think Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, I'm not hugely body confident so summer clothes don't quite do it for me. I love wearing chunky knits and dresses with tights and boots. I love the cosy nights in with candles, some snuggly socks and a good book. The book I'm currently reading is Sister by Rosamund Lupton, I've only just started it but I like it so far! I feel the cold quite easily so I always have a hot water bottle too, my spotty water bottle case is from Boots but I can't find it on the website, it's probably too early for them to be in the stores! Although it's not quite hot water bottle weather yet, it is definitely going that way. At the moment it is just really rainy, which I don't like if I have to be out and about but as I haven't started my job yet I'm quite happy to stay in the house and listen to the rain on the windows, which is the best noise ever.

I thought about doing the Autumn tag today but I think it's a bit early for that, so that will be coming later on in September where I will share some of my favourite Autumn beauty products. I need to get my blog quite organised for September, because as you know I'll be starting my job so I will be really busy! Let me know if you have any ideas of posts. I don't want to neglect my blog but posts will be more sparse I'm afraid. At least until I get into a routine.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Are you excited about Autumn or just sad the sun has gone?




  1. I'm the same I love a long sleeved dress and thick tights with boots

    I'm looking forward to autumn as the weather is undecided at the moment which can be annoying in mornings when deciding on an outfit.

    Carrieanne x

  2. Where is your jumper from :) I love this colour so much - my favourite in autumn!


  3. Love love loooove autumn <3 So cosy and the colors are gorgeous.


  4. I'm so excited for Autumn too!! I love shopping for cozy jumpers and boots!! My favourite time of year (with Christmas at a close second!!)

    www.chrissylilly.blogspot.com x

  5. I agree, I love autumn too! I love A/W fashion too:)xx

  6. I love autumn so much, I actually got really excited the other night that I could wear one of my jumpers and not actually get hot!
    The fashion is so much cosier and I just love layering!


  7. I agree, Autumn is the best time of year :) although I will miss the summer time. It's as if the weather changed as soon as it hit September! xxx


  8. This post makes me EVEN more excited for Autumn! I need to find a coat, otherwise it's going to be a chilly autumn!

    Helen x


  9. Ooo I do love the summer but it is nice to get all cosy in the cold

  10. Gutted that the jumper is from last year haha! I've been looking for one that colour :)



  11. Love that red jumper! I can't wait for autumn it seems just around the corner now!


  12. haha! i literally have that jumper on now, good old topshop, i love it when the weather cools down, and you can layer up your clothes! :)



  13. I love fall too! Everything about it is amazing, I can't get enough. And that sweater is adorable and looks very comfy! :)

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

  14. I'm so excited for Autumn and winter! Can't wait to read the answers to your tag as I did mine today! Also can't wait to hear what you think on the book, I hear it's meant to be great! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle


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