15 September 2013

Sunday Post #13 | Moving Out

Photo by Sophie Cunningham
Yesterday my boyfriend made the big move to London to start his new job. As you all probably know, my job is based in the Midlands so we're going to have to do the long-distance for the foreseeable future. Although I'm not sure it counts as long distance when the train journey only takes an hour! I have been super sad all week and there were a LOT of tears which is why my blog has been a bit quiet. It's a really exciting time for us both, I just wish that it could all be happening in one city.

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I was so proud of this meal that me and Tom made. We marinated chicken in the hot Nandos sauce, grilled some halloumi and I made sweet potato and normal potato chips, it was so tasty! Nandos is my favourite fast food so I'm trying to perfect my homemade Nandos!

Another selfie, as always! I'm in love with my neon jumper, I bought it from Depop and it is a beautiful colour - although Tom's mum did ask me why I was dressed as a giant tennis ball haha so you can imagine how bright it is!! Both rings were gifts, but I think the triangle one is from Pandora.

Hope you've had a great week!



  1. Ooh I love cooking chicken and sweet potato :)


  2. Good luck with long distance... I lived in Spain for a year and my boyfriend in Leeds so it was quite an unusual time, but four years down the line and we're living in the same house :) everything has a way of turning itself around. I'm sure you will both be fine & get used to the train journey eventually!

    That homemade Nandos looks lovely btw! x

  3. Your jumper is super cute & that meal looks ♥♥♥♥
    Best of luck with your relationship - an hour train ride isn't too bad so it can definitely work!x

    Kisses xo, Selorm
    She Just Talks | sjtx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Aw, I feel your long-distance pain; I live in Belfast while my boyfriend is in Cheltenham and it's been this way for over a year now! It's tough but you're only an hour away and have exciting London to explore now! I love your neon jumper by the way! xx


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