29 September 2013

Sunday Post #15 | Night In, New Flat.

As a lot of you might know, I have recently moved from Manchester to the Midlands. So far, I'm loving it, I especially love my flat! Ladbrokes Bingo recently did a survey and it said that 80% of girls in the East Midlands would prefer a girls night in to a night out. Now that I live on my own, away from parents, I definitely think I will be having lots of girl nights in! I want to have a cocktail night, using some of the ideas from the post I wrote last week which you can read here. I do enjoy a night out but nights in can be just as fun and much cheaper! And when my flat looks as pretty as this who wouldn't want to stay in?!

This week I started my first week at work (which is why posts have been a bit sparse, sorry!) so when the weekend rolled round I was very excited to celebrate surviving week one of my graduate job. Instead of going out we had a night in at my best friends house, admittedly there were boys there, so not technically a girls night. But it was so much fun to just relax with all my besties.

On Saturday I spent time with my boyfriend and we had my favourite food ever.. NANDOS. We just relaxed, watched football and tried not to think about how soon Monday morning rolls round! I'm going to turn into one of those people who live for the weekends.

Hope you liked this post, a little snippet of what I got up to this weekend.


PS, how cute are my plates?!

*In Collaboration With Ladbrokes Bingo


  1. So envious of your new flat! Definitely know what you mean about staying in than going out. When I eventually get my own place, I'll be hosting a lot of nights in haha x


  2. Your new flat sounds lovely! I wish I could move in with some of my girls. Nandos is the best!




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