31 October 2013

Brand Focus | The Body Shop

I got the idea to do 'Brand Focus' posts from Estée from Essie Button. I often find myself wanting to talk about lots of products from the same brand so I thought this was a really good idea. So credit to Estée!

Other than for the body butters, I've never really paid that much attention to The Body Shop. I think it's because I've never had a store close to me. But now I live in a city centre there is a store really close to me! I am so impressed with everything I've tried.

Even though I tend to favour the body butters, The Body Shop have a range of body moisturisers. This one is a body lotion, it's a lot lighter than the body butters which is really nice as it means it sinks in a lot easier. I like using lighter moisturisers on a daily basis and saving the body butters for weekends when I'm not in a big rush! The White Musk Smoky Rose fragrance is not one I would usually go for as it is quite a deep, musky scent (as the name would suggest!) but I've really been liking it and I think it's a good one for A/W. 

To contrast with the deep musky scents I've been liking, I've also been loving the Vanilla scent too. This is a much sweeter scent and probably not very A/W appropriate, but I still love it! Finally is the Almond Hand and Nail Cream, firstly I love the packaging! I also love how quickly it sinks in, I really hate it when hand creams leave you feeling all greasy. And of course the almond scent is absolutely amazing. 

I'm so glad I've properly started looking in The Body Shop, their products have all been amazing. I'm sure I will find lots more products to add to my wish list, but if you have any specific recommendations then please leave them in the comments!


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29 October 2013

NOTD | Bourjois 1 Seconde in Dangerous Wish

I went into town to buy an extension cable, but obviously I couldn't walk past a Boots and a Superdrug without going in! I have heard a lot about these Bourjois nail polishes and I thought this one looked very A/W appropriate. It's opaque in 2 coats as usual. I absolutely love the contrast of the gold glitter in the black polish. Definitely a new favourite of mine.

For some reason my photos aren't coming out as good as usual. I've just got a new MacBook Pro and I'm using iPhoto. When I look at the photo on iPhoto it looks really good but then uploaded onto blogger it doesn't look as good :/. If anyone knows why pleaseeee tell me in the comments! I've already turned off auto-enhance in google+ so I am very confused!


27 October 2013

Sunday Post #19 | Halloween

Halloween is coming up very soon so I thought I would dedicate today's lifestyle post to some party ideas. I'm not sure if I'll be celebrating Halloween as I think I'll be working but if I was, I would definitely have some decorations and some ghoulish themed food and drink.

Firstly we need decorations, Asda has so much Halloween stuff it's all so affordable! All these products are less than £5 - bargain!

Next is drinks. I've done a few cocktail related posts on my blog already which you can read here & here. But for this post I thought some Halloween-related cocktails would be perfect. I found this post which has the Top 10 Frighteningly Easy Halloween Cocktails. I also found these amazing shot glasses which you can find here. 

And lastly here are two ideas for food (although food should probably come before cocktails!). I love the BBC Good Food website when I'm stuck for ideas, so it was the first place I went when planning this post. 

First up is Eyeball Pasta, I thought this was a great idea as usually Halloween themed food is cake and sweet based. 

And obviously there needed to be a cake option, I thought these Spider cakes looked really good and not too hard to make!

What have you got planned for Halloween?


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25 October 2013

Blog Love #3

Another 3 of my favourite blogs to share with you today, hope you find some new reads!

First up is the lovely Kayleigh from Couture Girl. I'm sure most of you already read her blog, but I want to mention all of my favourites no matter how many followers they have. Not only is Kayleigh an amazing blogger with great pictures and really interesting content, but she is also really really lovely. She always responds to every tweet and loves chatting with her readers. One my favourite posts from Kayleigh is her Make-Up Storage Post

Next up is the lovely Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense. Adrienne also runs a YouTube channel which I love, you can watch that here. Adrienne's blog is relatively new but she's already doing so well. Her photos are really amazing. 

I really loved the post about switching up your skincare routine for Autumn, here.

Last up for today's post is the lovely Sophia. I first started chatting to Sophia a long time ago now. Unfortunately we've still not had the chance to meet but hopefully that will happen soon! If you ever have an issue or problem Sophia is so lovely to chat to. Like the other two girls, Sophia always responds to tweets and is always up for a good natter. Her blog is amazing, there is such a variety of posts and Sophia manages to post at least once a day which I am in awe of as I know how long it takes to take photos, write a post and then edit it all!

My current favourite posts on Sophia's blog is the My Little Skincare Project - such a great idea!

I hope you'll all go and check out these lovely bloggers and leave me any recommendations of your own in the comments.



23 October 2013

Current Make-Up Picks

theBalm Nude'tude
Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude eyeliner
17 Metallic Eyes cream shadow
Maybelline brow pencil
Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

Benefit Porefessional
Revlon Nearly Naked foundation
Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer
MAC Matte Bronze
Benefit Watts Up

A quick post today showing you my current make-up picks. I have been wearing these products almost daily. Benefit's Porefessional is an essential to help my make-up last a full 8 hours at work. I find that using the 17 cream eyeshadow as a base makes my eye make-up last so much longer and intensifies the colour of the shadows you put on top. Because I've been having much earlier mornings I've been relying on highlighter to keep my skin looking fresh, Benefit Watts Up is my favourite option at the moment. It gives a subtle sheen which can be built up for a more dramatic look. Rimmel Scandaleyes nude eyeliner is also amazing for helping you to look awake. It cancels out any redness in the waterline which makes your eyes look much more wide and awake.

What make-up products have you been using recently? I've recently picked up the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, so that's also become a new favourite!



20 October 2013

Sunday Post #18 | Christmas come early?

My boyfriend has come to visit me this weekend which has been amazing as I haven't seen him for 3 weeks!! We've been relaxing, watching films, drinking wine and eating a lot of food! Yesterday we went for a wander around town and ended up spending almost 2 hours in John Lewis! We were looking round all the homeware stuff and decided what we would have when we finally get to live with each other again, which probably won't be for a few years realistically :( And then we came across the Christmas section! Yep, it's only October and apparently Christmas is already here??

This Essie polish is my absolute favourite at the moment, I wrote about it in this post hereI've just been repainting this colour since I bought it!

Hope you've had a great weekend!


14 October 2013

Wishlist | Scarves

The weather has finally turned. I thought the good weather seemed to have stuck around for too long. Well now it has definitely gone! This means my autumn wardrobe needs a bit of an update and that means scarves. I love how scarves are both practical (keeping you warm) but also they can really make an outfit. Hats are okay, but to be honest they tend to spend most of their time in my bag and no one likes hat hair!

There are so many different types of scarves you can buy; silk, woolly, printed, faux fur. Accessorize have made this video showing just how versatile scarves can be!

After watching the video I had a quick peruse on their website and then also got distracted on Topshop and ASOS, so I've created a wishlist of some scarves I think need to be added to my wardrobe. I am going to be walking to work most days so I definitely need some extra layers to keep me warm. They are all pretty affordable options, all high-street stores. I don't really see the point in investing in a more expensive option when there is such an amazing selection available on the high-street.

Left | Topshop
Bottom | ASOS

How cute is the fox scarf?! Maybe not quite as practical as the ASOS option but definitely wins for the cute factor. I've seen so many tartan scarves around so that's why I chose the Topshop one, I think it's really on trend but is a little different as it isn't the typical red and black tartan.

I think I'm definitely going to be buying some more scarves. Winter, I'll be ready for you!


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13 October 2013

Sunday Post #17 | Hangover & The OC

Today has been a very lazy day. I've been nursing a hangover and packing for my week away. I'm not going anyway exciting, I'm going on a course with work in Coventry. I have the heaviest suitcase in the world cause I'm so bad at packing, I take far too much stuff.

In between packing I've been catching up on YouTube videos and watching the OC. I've started watching the OC from the beginning, I'm currently on the first series and Oliver has just made an appearance. I've also been continuing my addiction to Candy Crush, I am so obsessed!!

Not much else to not other than my gorgeous phone case from Iconemesis*, I absolutely love the design. I like how it is mainly white as I have a white iPhone and purple is my favourite colours, so it's perfect!

Hopefully I feel more human again tomorrow, because I am currently a zombie. Plans for the rest of the evening are to cosy up with a nice hot chocolate and watch X-Factor with my mum. Perfect.


*gifted by Iconemesis

12 October 2013

Autumn Make-Up Edit

Autumn is here so I've picked out my Autumn make-up essentials. There are actually quite a few new bits in here. But firstly one old favourite which is the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in 107 which I've just repurchased as I lost my old one on a night out. It's the perfect dark berry shade and the formula is amazing, matte enough so it doesn't slip all over your face but not drying at all. Another Rimmel product is the Match Perfection foundation, I'd heard so many great things about this on other blogs so I gave in and bought it. I think I might prefer it the the Wake Me Up foundation! It gives a good coverage and isn't overly dewy. It lasts really well on my skin and the colour Ivory is a perfect colour match for my pale autumn/winter skin!

I've recently started to love Bobbi Brown, I reviewed the Concealer kit before and now I have two new additions. The blush is in the colour Apricot and is much darker than my usually peach shades, but I think it's a really nice change. I also caved in and bought the correcter in Light Bisque. The final pick for my Autumn make-up edit is MUA Heaven & Earth palette. I will use every colour in this palette and it's such a bargain at £4!

So this Autumn it seems I'm going for perfected skin, dark lips and bronze eyes. What products will you be favouring this Autumn?



11 October 2013

How To | Wear Printed Leggings

There’s a new fashion favourite in town and it’s a trend that will either have you clapping your hands together with glee or running for the hills. What is it? Printed leggings of course. Love them or hate them leggings have been around since the 60s but this time around they’re making a big, bold statement...will you be wearing a pair this season? Stamped with geometric graphic designs, feisty animal prints, cute reindeer motifs and galactic galaxies, there is a wide variety of styles available on the high-street.



How to wear printed leggings

There is one essential rule to follow when purchasing a pair of leggings: make sure they fit you properly. This means having a good old look at your bottom (from all angles) and making sure that the fabric provides enough coverage. Unfortunately many girls walk around wearing see-through leggings that expose not only their underwear but their lumps and bumps too.

Many people say that you should never wear short tops with leggings and your bottom should always be covered. That’s nonsense! If you are lucky enough to have a small perky bottom then by all means show it off!  Crop tops can look awesome teamed with leggings if you have the right shape to pull this off. If you are more ‘generous’ in this area then wear a longer vest or t-shirt. Colour blocking also works well with printed leggings and totally makes sense as you don’t want to create pattern confusion. When it comes to your feet stick to casual baseball boots, creepers or chunky boots for that all essential 90s feel. Throw over an oversized sweater or fitted suit jacket to add a more grown up element to the look.

Do you like printed leggings? How would you wear them?


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NOTD | Essie Chinchilly and Bahama Mama

'Bahama Mama : A warm, rich, creamy plum
Chinchilly : A sleek granite grey'

I've not really tried Essie nail polishes before, but I was in my local Superdrug and saw they were selling these two full sized polishes in a set. The set is called Favourites to Fall For. I can't find it online anywhere but try to look in store because polishes are usually around £7 each and the set was about £10! Both colours are so lovely, I couldn't decide which colour to use so I have got both on! The range of colours Essie has is amazing. I know lots of people say Essie polishes last far longer than any others but I haven't found that they are any better than my Models Own ones which are only £5 each. But I'm glad I've bought this set as I think I'll use both colours a lot. And by buying them in a set they are as cheap as my Models Own ones anyway!

What do you think of Essie polishes?


10 October 2013

Tame Those Brows

I've had a baaad relationship with my eyebrows over the years. I used to get them waxed waaaay too thin, but I wouldn't get them waxed often enough so then they would be really thick but unruly. It's only recently that I've been happy (ish) with them. So this post is all about the products I use.

Maybelline recently brought out a few eyebrow products. I bought the eyebrow pencil and the BROWdrama mascara. I don't really like filling in my eyebrows with pencil as it can look a bit harsh, so I don't really use the pencil. However I love the little spoolie on the other end to comb through my brows. After I've combed them through I mix MAC Omega and MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadows to get the perfect shade for me. I apply these with a Real Techniques angled brush which came in the starter kit. I then comb through them again to soften the shadow. Finally I apply the BROWdrama mascara which holds them in places and helps to make the look more natural.

I'm pretty happy with my eyebrows at the moment. But I'm still very tempted to get HD brows done. Has anyone had it done? Would you recommend?


For some reason the photo of me looks really really photoshopped, but honestly all I did was increase the exposure! 

8 October 2013

New Skincare Additions

I've been really getting into skincare lately. My skin has never been bad, but I know that it could definitely be better. Even though I don't have particularly sensitive skin I always get a bit nervous trying new products so I always do a lot of research reading blogs before I buy things. I haven't used these products much so this is more of a haul with a first impression of a few thrown in there.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I've been looking at buying a lip scrub in ages and so many people seem to love this. Firstly, it's edible which is amazing. It also smells really really good. And obviously it's a really good lip scrub too!

Origins Clear Improvement Mask
I haven't tried this yet, but I have been getting really congested skin on my forehead and the sales assistant at Origins recommended this. I've read lots of really positive reviews about it so I'm excited to try it. I'm sure it will pop up in another post soon.

Origins GinZing Moisturiser
This moisturiser smells really lovely. It's very light weight but still really hydrating. I've only used it a few times, so I've not got an opinion on it quite yet. But so far so good!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm
I had been contemplating buying the Emma Hardie Cleansing balm but it is really pricey. Then I read Caroline Hirons and Ruth from A Model Recommends reviews on this balm and I was sold! I really trust the opinion of both these women and Caroline even said it was a dupe for the Emma Hardie. It doesn't really have any scent but this is great for people with sensitive skin. I'm also yet to try this, so keep a look out for a review soon!

I seem to be a bit addicted to buying skincare at the moment, so send in your recommendations!!



7 October 2013

Review | Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

Creamy Concealer shade - Sand
Pressed Powder shade - Pale Yellow

I went to my local Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis, I was actually going to look at the Chocolate collection but somehow ended up leaving with the Creamy Concealer Kit instead! I did really like the Chocolate collection but nothing stood out that much to me. However since early mornings have become a regular occurrence for me I have started to notice the bags under my eyes are getting worse, booo! 

I was chatting to the MUA and she offered to apply some of the creamy concealer for me. Firstly she used the Corrector in Light Bisque which is a salmon coloured product which helps to knock out the darkness under your eyes. She then applied the concealer and powder over the top. I can't even explain how much of a difference it made. My whole face looked completely different!! The bags under my eyes were completely covered and my face looked so much brighter.

Unfortunately I couldn't quite stretch to buying both together, so I decided to just buy the kit. Now I've used this on it's own it is still amazing. It has a really good coverage and doesn't dry your skin out as it is so creamy. I was a bit worried it would crease but once set with the powder it doesn't budge. I think I will definitely go back and buy the corrector after pay day but for now the concealer kit is perfect.

This is my first Bobbi Brown product and I'm in love. Now I'm looking at the Long-Wear Foundation. Uh oh, sorry bank balance!!


6 October 2013

Sunday Post #16

My new addiction - Starbucks Americano with a shot of caramel syrup. I've become slightly dependent on coffee since starting a full time job!!

Probably the closest you'll get to an OOTD on AztecMess! Dress is from Topshop and Boots from Office, both about 4 years old. I did contemplate doing OOTDs but I don't think I offer anything different and I don't have a tripod or a willing friend to take the photos for me. 

Hope you've had a great weekend!


5 October 2013

FOTD | New MAC purchases

Eyeshadow | MAC All That Glitters and Satin Taupe
Eyeliner | Daniel Sandler Grey Velvet
Mascara | Lancome Hypnose Drama
Eyebrows | MAC Charcoal Brown

Base | MAC Studio Sculpt
Concealer | Rimmel Wake Me Up
Blush | MAC Melba
Bronzer | Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
Highlighter | Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder

Lips | MAC Currant Lipliner and MAC Rebel lipstick

I had a mini MAC splurge, oops! Currant is my first ever lip-liner from MAC, it's a really gorgeous dark purple. I've been meaning to buy a dark purple lip liner for ages as I have quite a few darker lipsticks and I know that lip-liner is meant to make lipstick last for much longer and stop it bleeding from your lips.

Rebel is a more pinky toned purple, it's a Satin finish which I really like as it means it isn't drying at all. Pairing it with Currant makes it slightly darker than using it alone. In the photo I'm wearing both products and I really like the colour.

What do you think of the combination? 



3 October 2013

September Favourites

Not too many favourites this month, there is a couple of old favourites and two recent purchases. You can't see it very well in the picture but I've been loving my Charlotte Tilbury make-up bag, unfortunately it was limited edition so I'm not sure you can get it now (sorry!) but it's a really good size for travelling, which I've been doing a lot of this month.

Some re-discovered favourites have been my Caudalie Beauty Elixir which has been a god-send as my skin has been terrible recently and this really helps to calm it down. Benefit Porefessional has been an essential as I've needed my make-up to last from 8am until 7pm and this gives a really nice base for make-up to cling to. I've been even lazier with my hair than usual recently so the only product i've been using is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care leave-in spray. It detangles my hair and leaves it really soft. Since the weather has turned more autumnal I've been going for darker nail polish colours, the one I've worn the most is Purple Ash by Models Own.

Two newer purchase I've been loving have been Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer which I'm not sure if it was limited edition or not, but it's a really lovely natural bronzer which blends really nicely. And finally is the L'Oreal False Lash Flutter mascara which I've been reaching for daily, it gives a really nice amount of length and volume that doesn't look clumpy and it lasts all day.

Hope you liked my favourites and sorry for the infrequent posts, I will try to get some scheduled this weekend so that there won't be too many gaps on the weekdays.

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