25 October 2013

Blog Love #3

Another 3 of my favourite blogs to share with you today, hope you find some new reads!

First up is the lovely Kayleigh from Couture Girl. I'm sure most of you already read her blog, but I want to mention all of my favourites no matter how many followers they have. Not only is Kayleigh an amazing blogger with great pictures and really interesting content, but she is also really really lovely. She always responds to every tweet and loves chatting with her readers. One my favourite posts from Kayleigh is her Make-Up Storage Post

Next up is the lovely Adrienne from Late Night Nonsense. Adrienne also runs a YouTube channel which I love, you can watch that here. Adrienne's blog is relatively new but she's already doing so well. Her photos are really amazing. 

I really loved the post about switching up your skincare routine for Autumn, here.

Last up for today's post is the lovely Sophia. I first started chatting to Sophia a long time ago now. Unfortunately we've still not had the chance to meet but hopefully that will happen soon! If you ever have an issue or problem Sophia is so lovely to chat to. Like the other two girls, Sophia always responds to tweets and is always up for a good natter. Her blog is amazing, there is such a variety of posts and Sophia manages to post at least once a day which I am in awe of as I know how long it takes to take photos, write a post and then edit it all!

My current favourite posts on Sophia's blog is the My Little Skincare Project - such a great idea!

I hope you'll all go and check out these lovely bloggers and leave me any recommendations of your own in the comments.




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