11 October 2013

How To | Wear Printed Leggings

There’s a new fashion favourite in town and it’s a trend that will either have you clapping your hands together with glee or running for the hills. What is it? Printed leggings of course. Love them or hate them leggings have been around since the 60s but this time around they’re making a big, bold statement...will you be wearing a pair this season? Stamped with geometric graphic designs, feisty animal prints, cute reindeer motifs and galactic galaxies, there is a wide variety of styles available on the high-street.



How to wear printed leggings

There is one essential rule to follow when purchasing a pair of leggings: make sure they fit you properly. This means having a good old look at your bottom (from all angles) and making sure that the fabric provides enough coverage. Unfortunately many girls walk around wearing see-through leggings that expose not only their underwear but their lumps and bumps too.

Many people say that you should never wear short tops with leggings and your bottom should always be covered. That’s nonsense! If you are lucky enough to have a small perky bottom then by all means show it off!  Crop tops can look awesome teamed with leggings if you have the right shape to pull this off. If you are more ‘generous’ in this area then wear a longer vest or t-shirt. Colour blocking also works well with printed leggings and totally makes sense as you don’t want to create pattern confusion. When it comes to your feet stick to casual baseball boots, creepers or chunky boots for that all essential 90s feel. Throw over an oversized sweater or fitted suit jacket to add a more grown up element to the look.

Do you like printed leggings? How would you wear them?


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  1. love this post! I've been wearing a pair of leopard leggings for years - they're my sunday/sickday/hangover pants but i think i might be venturing out of the house in them!

    Charlotte - blotandreapply.com x

  2. Wow! Wonderful leggings. Have bought few pattern leggings for my zumba classes. They are simply marvelous and excellent to experience. Need to have some for my sister and friend as they asked me to buy them for their aerobic classes.


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