14 October 2013

Wishlist | Scarves

The weather has finally turned. I thought the good weather seemed to have stuck around for too long. Well now it has definitely gone! This means my autumn wardrobe needs a bit of an update and that means scarves. I love how scarves are both practical (keeping you warm) but also they can really make an outfit. Hats are okay, but to be honest they tend to spend most of their time in my bag and no one likes hat hair!

There are so many different types of scarves you can buy; silk, woolly, printed, faux fur. Accessorize have made this video showing just how versatile scarves can be!

After watching the video I had a quick peruse on their website and then also got distracted on Topshop and ASOS, so I've created a wishlist of some scarves I think need to be added to my wardrobe. I am going to be walking to work most days so I definitely need some extra layers to keep me warm. They are all pretty affordable options, all high-street stores. I don't really see the point in investing in a more expensive option when there is such an amazing selection available on the high-street.

Left | Topshop
Bottom | ASOS

How cute is the fox scarf?! Maybe not quite as practical as the ASOS option but definitely wins for the cute factor. I've seen so many tartan scarves around so that's why I chose the Topshop one, I think it's really on trend but is a little different as it isn't the typical red and black tartan.

I think I'm definitely going to be buying some more scarves. Winter, I'll be ready for you!


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  1. I love the fox, cutest scarf ever! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. the asos one looks so so cosy!! :)

  3. The ASOS scarf looks soo warm and I love the colours!
    Great post, followed :)

  4. Oh the fox scarf is too cute! :)


  5. I really love the Topshop one and the colours in it are lovely and autumny :) x


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