29 November 2013

Yankee Candle Mandarin Cranberry

I've been really tempted to buy Yankee Candles before but had never known which scent to go for. I decided to go in to look at the Christmas scents and I was amazed at the choice! My Mum has one that is White Christmas but I couldn't find that in the store and I can't see it on the website either which is sad cause it's a gorgeous scent. Instead I went for Mandarin Cranberry which is absolutely gorgeous. I've been burning it this afternoon/evening and my living smells amazing. It's a fruity smell without being overly sweet, I definitely prefer this to the more traditional warmer, spicy Christmas scents.

What other scents do you recommend?



  1. I'm obsessed with candles at the moment! I've hardly tried any Yankee candles but this sounds gorgeous xx


  2. That scent sounds amazing! I love their fruity/floral and weather like scents but everything to do with food I find wayyy tooo strong! I like how you've got 100g size there, we only seem to have the smallest, second smallest and 600+ gram size ones here in singapore! I got Jasmine in 600+ gram jar and I've burnt it for about 6 months, I love how its subtle but strong!

  3. Sounds nice, I love yankee candles - I have the yankee candle advent calendar x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. i looove candles! this one is so cute:)

    are you interested in doing button swap with me? let me know!


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