22 January 2014

An Ode To Essie

I always used to think Essie was pretty expensive for a nail varnish you could buy in a drug store and when I bought my first one I was impressed but not completely sold. However I've completely changed my mind now. Essie quite often do really great sets, the six minis in the photo were from two Christmas sets. This is a great way to get more nail polishes for your money, and who uses the full size before they go gloomy anyway? I also got Bahama Mama and Chinchilly in a set which saved me about £3. So I've only actually bought Lapiz of Luxury (the blue) and Warm and Toasty Turtleneck (the purple) on their own. Individual polishes come in at £7.99 from Boots and the sets are £12.99.

The thing that makes these nail polishes worth it is the lasting power and the colour range. These definitely last longer than most nail polishes on me, they can last up to a week! The colour range is something you just don't see from other brands in Boots, I hope to slowly build up my collection - I'm currently eyeing up the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star duo

What do you think of Essie polishes? Worth the extra few pounds?



  1. I really don't think you can go wrong with Essie!

  2. I love Essie, and them being in the drugstores now you can find coupons for them too!

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  3. i've never tried essie! i couldn't find it anywhere in ireland until recently and now i'm very very tempted to buy some!!

  4. I love Essie! I agree their colour range is UH-mazing and they last a long time compared to a lot of other brands! To top if off, they come off with nail polish remover so easily! :D
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