15 January 2014

Day Off Essentials

I don't get the typical weekend off that most people get, I get one day off in the week and then every Sunday. I actually don't really mind, it's a nice mid-week break! But most other people are at work so there isn't always a lot to do. So instead of a Sunday pamper and relax, I do it whenever my day off happens to be - which is today!

I don't set any alarms but because I have to get up at 5am on work days I usually wake up no later than 8. Today I treated myself to a McDonalds breakfast, naughty!! I usually try to tidy and clean my flat, then finally drag myself into the shower at about noon. While I'm in the shower I use a hair mask as I'm not in a rush so can take my time, my current favourite is the L'Oreal Ever Riche, it leaves my hair feeling super soft. Once I'm out the shower I like to give my skin a treat, I use the Lush Bubblegum Lip scrub and Origins Clear Improvement mask before applying my normal skincare (post coming soon on that!).

Then I'll sit down and relax. Today I've been reading Company and watching the OC. I've also been thinking of blogpost ideas and jotting them all down in this really cute 'Bits and Bobs' notebook. I'll also be painting my nails later and I've chosen to go for Essie Chinchilly which is a gorgeous muted grey.

What are your day off essentials?


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  1. Your bits and bobs notepad is so cute! Where's it from? My day off essentials are a cup of tea, treat food and Gossip Girl box set x


    1. I think it was from Sainsburys :) xx

  2. AH the OC... a classic. I miss it so much. On days off I basically don't move from my bed... except to go to the fridge. I'll generally spend it on tumblr or writing/sketching. my go-to tv show is the hills - so great!

  3. I love the OC - Seth is my favourite <3 This sounds like such a perfect and relaxing day off!
    Natalie xx

  4. Sounds like perfect mixture for a good day off relaxing and pampering :) xx

  5. sounds like a perfect day off! I love the OC! I really want to start from the beginning and watch them all again :) x


  6. sounds like a great day off! i really need to watch the OC! Xx


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