24 January 2014

Haircare Routine

Since dying my hair brown I've been trying to look after it a bit more. I want to make the colour last for as long as possible and take advantage of the lack of bleach in my hair to help it to grow. I've always had a really sensitive scalp but I'm not sure what triggers it, I ended up using Head & Shoulders which is awful for your hair and really strips colour out. I tried the L'Oreal no sulphate lines but they still really irritated my head so I have no idea what is causing it. But I noticed that my scalp was fine after going to Toni & Guy and they use Label M products so I bought a mini of the Label M Colour Stay Shampoo to try out and I'm so happy to say that it doesn't irritate my scalp at all! My hair feels really clean after using this and hopefully it will help the colour stay. Even though the L'Oreal shampoos didn't agree with me, I carried on using the EverRiche Conditioner and I absolutely love it. It is really nourishing without weighing my hair down and best thing of all - it's so affordable!

I'm super lazy when it comes to styling and extra products so currently there are 3 that I'm trying to make myself use. I was completely sold on the concept of the Label M Protein Spray when I was getting my hair done, it's supposed to reduce colour fade and damage by acting as a hair protectant and evening out the pores in your hair - kind of like a primer does on your face. I then use the John Frieda Full Repair Oil Elixir which is a lovely lightweight oil, it can be used on damp or dry hair but I tend to use it on damp hair as I'm always scared of overloading dry hair with oil. I'm not sure of the long term effects of either of those products as I've only been using them for a few weeks - but I'll let you know. Finally is the Toni & Guy Salt Spray which I use to give my hair some texture, it's such an easy product to use to give hair that messy look.

Even though I'm happy with my current haircare routine, I still want to try some Oribe products, I've heard such good reviews from other bloggers. Any recommendations? 



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  1. oooh i want to try that hair oil! i keep hearing great things about it!! :)


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