9 April 2014

Current Favourite Lip Combo

I've been putting down the bold lipsticks and opting for a natural lip. My favourite combo has been MAC Hue with a Revlon gloss over the top. It gives a lovely glossy natural colour and looks great for a daytime look or for evening paired with a smokey eye makeup. 

I've been getting really into glosses lately. Today I went out and bought two colours from Tanya Burr's range in Superdrug which I am really excited to try! I actually met another viewer from her channel when looking at the stand which was nice. Some people don't get the YouTube hype but I love watching so many YouTubers. My favourites at the moment are HeyClaire and Lily Melrose if you're wondering! 

Are you a lover or hater of lipgloss?



  1. Ooh I've not seen that Revlon Lipgloss before, I love MAC Hue so will definitely be picking the gloss up to go with it - great combo! x

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. oh Mac hue looks like the perfect shade!! i've been trying to think of the name of it for so long!! :)

  3. I have definitely starting going for glosses and lighter colours since Spring has arrived xxx


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