24 May 2014

Spring NOTD

After having a week holiday from work my nails have finally started growing again, yay! So I have been taking advantage and painting them lovely colours before I'm back to work and they will be or horrible and short again :( Sounds trivial, but this is very sad for a girl who loves painting her nails!!

The colour I keep going back to is Essie Lilacism. I have spoken about it before but I just can't stop using it! It is the perfect spring colour and I think it looks lovely on long nails. As you all know, I love Essie. The formula is perfect and lasts 5 days on me (when I'm not at work, obviously!).

What are you favourite spring shades?


ps, my ring is from shopdixi.com


  1. What a pretty colour!!! I have a post on spring nailpolishes and also a new one coming next week! :D


  2. i love this nailpolish :))



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