7 June 2014

London Beauty Haul

Living in Leicester means that good shops are scarce, especially beauty shops. So when I go to London I take full advantage of the amazing shops! Last time I was there I had a little spending spree in Libertys and Illamasqua.

I have been loving pink lips lately, MAC Impassioned is my favourite bright but I wanted some a little more daytime appropriate. I haven't tried a Bobbi Brown lipstick before but I'd heard great things so I headed straight there. There was so much choice but Bikini Pink really caught my eye, and after trying it a few times I love it!

Illamasqua's Complement palette is the first thing I've ever bought from Illamasqua. I have heard so much about the brand but nowhere near me sells it and I like to see products in person before buying. I saw their store on a bit of a whim but I am so glad I did. The sales assistants in there were so friendly and helpful. I felt so overwhelmed by all the gorgeous colours! I eventually settled on quite a neutral palette, but what I love is that there is one cream shadow which sets it apart from other eyeshadow palettes. I haven't tried this yet but I will let you know how I get on!

Final purchases were both from Bumble & Bumble. The hair(un)dressing creme is a re-purchase for me, I absolutely love it and use it most times I wash my hair. I let my hair dry naturally and this products keeps frizz at bay and gives my natural curls some shape and texture. While I was buying this I saw the City Swept spray and the description really appealed to me, 'lived in look with separation and sheen'. Pretty much exactly what I look for in hair products. I thought this might be similar to dry shampoos or texturising sprays but it is actually a lot wetter in consistency. Some people seem to not like this but I really love it! It gives a lot more hold than your average texturising spray. But the downside it is quite expensive.

Do you love London's beauty offerings as much as I do? Which other beauty stores do I need to visit next time I'm in London?




  1. Great little haul you have here! I've been wanting to try Illamasqua products for awhile now, that palette looks absolutely STUNNING!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  2. Looks great! :)
    lets follow each other? :) http://lookbeyondbeauty.wordpress.com/

  3. Ooh the lipstick looks so pretty, I love colours like that! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. Ahhh I need that lipstick, it looks like the perfect daytime pink!

    Love & Liquor | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog


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