26 October 2014


I have survived my first two weeks in London! 

I am so happy I made the decision to move here. I was so scared to move far away from my family again and have to make new friends at work. But I couldn't have asked for nicer workmates, everyone has made loads of effort to include me which is so lovely. We had our first work social which was a pub quiz, unfortunately we came 2nd last which is not great but at least we weren't last!! 

I have also been out both Saturday nights with friends. We went to Mayfair one night and I couldn't believe how expensive everything was. A double was £12!! A double in the Midlands is about a fiver, crazy! Last night was my boyfriends housewarming where I'm temporarily staying until I find a place. I definitely had a few too many vodka lemonades so I am not feeling quite so fresh today!

I'm off to Ireland for a wedding on Friday which I am very excited about! I've never been to Ireland so it will be fun although we're only there for one night so there won't be much time for exploring unfortunately but I'm excited to meet all my boyfriends family :). 

I definitely want to do some more exploring from now on, there's so much to see and do in London. But it's payday on Tuesday so I'm thinking my first stop will be Oxford Street ;)

Hope you've had a great weekend! 



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  1. Yay I am so glad you are settling in looks and sounds like you are having an awesome time, I am a tad jealous haha! Alcohol seems crazy expensive though! x



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