12 November 2014

Christmas in London

I'm really enjoying living in London while it's all Christmassy! Everyone at work is getting in the mood and we are already planning desk decorations. And I got my work Christmas party invite so it's definitely time to get excited!

Starbucks have brought out their red cups again which is always a big deal, the toffee nut latte is my fave. Costa's sticky toffee latte is also pretty good. But if you don't instagram it, did it really happen?!

Tom and I went on the hunt for a cuddly Monty the penguin from the John Lewis advert (which obviously made me cry, so cute!) but we couldn't find one :( I did get a snap with this model Monty though! We also visited the John Lewis roof top garden which had such lovely views of all the gorgeous Christmas lights on Oxford Street and you can also see the top of the shard and the London Eye. I would definitely recommend, there's a Hotel Chocolat bar there as well so you can grab a hot chocolate. 

Selfridges looked absolutely amazing, their window displays are the best I've ever seen. None of my pictures gave them justice so I'd definitely recommend going along! Their Christmas emporium on the 5th floor is really good too, although I did spy a bauble for £23!! So don't get too carried away!

I know some people will say it's too early to get excited for Christmas but there are lots of Christmas campaigns being organised and talked about at work so I can't help it!!

Anyone else prematurely excited for Christmas?! 

Hope you're having a good week :)




  1. I never end up in London for christmas and will have to make it my mission as it just looks perfect!! xxx


  2. Oxford street looks so pretty, I think I need to make a trip down there soon! x



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