27 December 2014

Fitness Update #1

Earlier this month I wrote this post about my fitness journey. So I thought I would give you a quick update on how it's going! I know it's awful to schedule this for straight after Christmas but maybe reading it will kick start our New Years resolutions early!

I was doing really well and did 3 weeks of pretty consistent running, about 3 times a week. But then just before Christmas I slowed a little and only went on one run that week. But I'm ready to get back on it! New Years is the perfect time. I still want to do 3 runs a week but also start to incorporate some form of exercise on the other days, possibly more weight training? 

I also attempted to start healthy eating before Christmas, my fave healthy dinner is a salad with sweet potato and some kind of fish. In the photos above I had tuna and mackerel. I also sprinkled over some goats cheese and balsamic vinegar to give it a bit more flavour. Obviously the healthy eating has not been kept up over Christmas, but who diets at Christmas?! 

Hopefully my update at the end of January will be telling you that I've detoxed from Christmas and done at least 3 runs a week. Keeping my fingers crossed that my motivation sticks around!

Hope you're having a lovely festive time!



  1. you can do it. Great blog! :)


  2. You just need inspiration! I to am trying to get fitter (and lose weight). A great idea is to get a cork board and make a collage full of inspiration! whether that is to lose weight, or run a marathon or simply cook delicious healthy food! Put what inspires you on the board, somewhere where you can see it everyday and it really will help! :)
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