17 December 2014

The Start of my Fitness Journey?

Towards the end of this year I got in the very bad habit of spending at least 20 mins a day criticising myself and moaning to my boyfriend about how unhappy I was and how little confidence I had. I put on a front to everyone else but I really wasn't happy with my appearance or my general health levels. I mean, walking up the two flights of stairs at work was an effort!! At my old job I did a lot of walking, usually up to 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I think this was keeping me fitter and healthier than I realised but since starting an office job where I am sat down all day I have really started to notice.

So almost 3 weeks ago I decided to start running and stop feeling sorry for myself. I read my friend Hannah's blog post on her fitness journey and it spurred me on, it made me realise I wasn't the only person who had tried running and not immediately fallen in love and that giving it time was key.

On Monday I started to see the difference in my fitness level and in my shape. I ran the furthest I've run so far. I put on my favourite jeans and they no longer gave me stomach ache by the end of the day by being so tight. I am so happy I gave myself a kick and started this journey. I'm never going to be an amazing runner but I'm definitely going to be a trier. Seeing a difference definitely gives you a push to keep going.

I'm trying to go running or do some form of exercise every other day. I don't want to over do it because that's when I start to really hate it. If you can recommend any good YouTube home work out videos, that would be great! Because sometimes it really is just too cold to venture outside..

Keeping my fingers crossed that this motivation doesn't disappear!


ps, a week today until Christmas Eve!!


  1. Good for you lovely. I'm still waiting for the motivation and drive to kick in for me but love following other people's journeys. Maybe yours will kick my butt into gear ;)


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