1 January 2015

Aztec Mess in 2014

Happy New Year!

As I did last year (or two years ago?!), I thought it would be nice to look back on Aztec Mess in 2014. I have blogged the least last year since I started my blog (feels weird writing last year!) I think this is because I had a pretty stressful job for most of the year and I just lost motivation! Towards the end of the year I got a new job and I *think* my motivation is coming back! Being in an environment where having a blog isn't considered weird and having lots more friends with blogs has made me determined to make mine better!

For my 2013 post I chose my favourite posts, but this year I went to Google Analytics and looked at my most read posts by you guys! I've picked three of them to share with you. Click the links below the pictures if you haven't already read the posts!

Comparison | Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Expert Face Brush

Jewellery Haul | Shop Dixi

Skincare Routine
Hope everyone had a great New Year!



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  2. Real techniques are such awesome brushes! Especially the eye brushes.
    I wish I had friends that got blogs and whatnot, for now - mine is a secret!
    Have a brilliant 2015! :D
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