30 January 2015

January Fitness Update

January is over so it's time for my first fitness update. I started out the first 3 weeks with so much dedication and motivation. I did Kayla Itsines' workouts three times a week and then I was also running twice a week. Unfortunately my motivation seemed to slip a little bit and I only managed 3 workouts in the last week, but that is still so much better than I used to be. 

Before I started this work out kick I was expecting to immediately lose loads of weight. I can get a bit obsessed with the scales so when they weren't really shifting I was really disappointed. But after talking to lots of friends who are into exercise and much more knowledgeable than me, I realised that that isn't that important.

Even after only one month I have noticed a real change in the muscle definition in my legs. Unfortunately I am still waiting for those abs...

I thought I would show you some photos of what I have been eating for dinner. I am lucky that I get breakfast and lunch at work. So typically for breakfast I will have branflakes or natural yoghurt with banana and honey. For lunch I will eat whatever is on the menu which can be anything from casseroles to burgers to pork chops. So the only meal I plan is dinner. I have been loving prawns lately so they are featured a lot mainly stir fried with veggies.

Top: Prawn and Chorizo stir fry, Sweet Potato and Tuna Salad
Bottom: Pork Chops with stir fried veggies, Chicken and Prawn stir fry

 I hope that gave you some healthy food inspiration! I am determined to keep going and I can't recommend Kayla Itsines workout plan enough, it definitely helps keep me motivated knowing that the work out is already planned for me.

How's everyone elses New Years Resolutions going?



  1. Oh I just got Kayla's plan and am starting it on Monday! :) Glad to see you're enjoying it!! All those photos made me hungry too!

    Chrissy x

  2. Sweet potato and tuna salad looks AMAZING, I am so hungry for some healthy food now- forget yesterdays donuts ;) xxx

  3. So proud of you! But please chuck the scales out the window ;) xx


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