24 January 2015

Spring Nail Polishes

Essie L-R Peach Daquiri, Lapiz of Luxury, Naughty Nautical and Russian Roulette

During December I was rocking some festive nails and a lot of glitter (see here and here) but I thought it was time to switch it up and inject some spring colours into the mix.

As always, the polishes are all Essie. They offer so many colours and the formula is amazing so I don't really look anywhere else anymore. I know they are more expensive but I don't mind paying when the polishes don't chip for at least 4 days!

I have rekindled my love for painting my nails and buying nail polishes recently. I seem to buy a new one each week at the moment!! I'm about to paint my nails with Naughty Nautical now.

Let me know your fave polishes :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!



  1. I've really been enjoying painting my nails recently as well! Great colour picks, big fan of essie shades :) x


  2. These are gorgeous, I actually had a bad experience with essie and never bought again but from all the blogs I read I think I need to give them another shot xxxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. That turquoise one looks fab!

  4. They all look beautiful, I really like Essie polishes <3 xo


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