15 February 2015

Sunday Summary

Deliciously Ella Recipe Book

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's weekend! My boyfriend was in Scarborough celebrating his Grandma's 80th birthday so we didn't actually do anything. My mum knew I didn't have any plans so offered to pay for my train tickets to go home. So it ended up being a super chilled weekend visiting family and surprising my grandparents :)

Fitness is still going well, managed to go for 3 runs this week. Although on my run today I felt like I was going to be sick halfway through boo :(. I think this was because I ate about an hour and a half before, and it turns out that isn't enough time to digest a sandwich!! My aim for next week is still just 3 workouts because I'm away from Wednesday evening and I always find it harder to work out when I'm not at home in my normal routine.

On Friday my amazon order arrived with FleurDeForce's new book and Deliciously Ella's book. I am so excited to read through them properly. I've flicked through both and they are both such lovely books with gorgeous photography and illustrations. I love that both these girls are bloggers as well, so awesome to see bloggers doing so well!

Hows everyone's weekends been?


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  1. Both of those books are in my cart to purchase on payday and cannot wait, such lovely ladies! Well done on the runs too, I am struggling with workouts lately, too little sleep I think xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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