18 March 2015

Birthday Clothes Wishlist

Dungarees | ASOS
Cropped T-shirt | Urban Outfitters
White Slip Ons | Topshop

Yes, that's right. Another birthday wish list! I have been looking for a pair of dungarees for ages, obviously inspired by the babe that is Alexa Chung! 

I think they are such a fun piece to style and I think I've found my perfect ones on ASOS. I love the flash of ankle and the colour of the denim is amazing. I would wear them over this gorgeous stripy cropped t-shirt which I think would be perfect for spring weather, whenever the sunshine decides to arrive! And keeping with the spring theme I'd go for some white slip ons. I've never had white shoes as every time I have debated buying any I've remember how many pairs of shoes I've managed to ruin... But now I'm no longer at uni I think I'd be able to take care of them!

Folli Follie challenged me to create an outfit with no accessories, this outfit will then be sent to another blogger and they get to choose what accessories they think will go with it! I think this outfit would be perfect with some delicate silver bracelets and some over sized aviator sunglasses. Obviously I'd probably throw on some rings too as I seem to be a bit obsessed with rings right now!

What do you think of dungarees? Yay or nay?



  1. Such a cute outfit! Absolutely perfect for spring/summer x

  2. I absolutely adore dungarees and only have short ones, I want to pick up some long ones now as alexa looks so cute xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Gotta love Dungarees ;) haha. I think this a great wishlist hun :-)


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