2 March 2015

February Fitness Update

February was a bit of a fail fitness-wise. I am pretty disappointed with myself but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I was away from home a lot during February visiting family and I also had a lot of friends visiting. For me seeing family and friends will always take priority so even though I had a bad month with fitness, I had an awesome month in every other aspect! 

But we're in a new month now and I started off this morning with Kayla Itsines week 1 workout of her 12 week programme. 

I think I've learnt that setting myself goals to workout 5-6 times a week is unrealistic for me. So instead, this month I am aiming for 3 workouts a week. If I do more than that, great. But if not? Who cares! I was probably out having fun! 

I also want to start eating better, I recently bought Deliciously Ella's book and even though there is no way I could be vegan all the time, I want to try some of her recipes. If any of them are successful I will definitely do a blog post about them!

How are your fitness journeys going?



  1. I like that you're happy not to overdo it and stress out when you can't workout 5-6 times per week. That's the approach I'm taking this time. I'm focusing most on eating as healthy as I can everyday so I don't have to worry and kill myself in the gym!! Good luck, can't wait to read more of your updates!!

    Chrissy x


  2. 3 days a week is definitely enough to workout! I think I'm going to aim for that too. I have Ella's book too and it's fantastic! x

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