6 March 2015

Home Inspiration | White Floorboards

Pinterest provides so much home inspiration and one that I have become obsessed with is white floorboards. Kate from Gh0stparties has one of the most gorgeous flats I have seen, I will definitely be using her posts as inspiration for when me and my boyfriend get a flat together. 

Living in London means that flats are ridiculously expensive, which often means that flats you can afford are pretty small so I think it's really important to decorate it well. White floorboards can give rooms a really light feel but can sometimes also make rooms feel cold, but this can be counteracted with rugs and nice throws and cushions.

I definitely won't be getting a Pinterest-worthy flat anytime soon but a girl can dream, right?



  1. I just moved into a neutral new flat and am having a grand time decorating! God bless Pinterest inspiration ;)

  2. My flat is far from pinterest worthy, it's like a studio basically but I still love the idea of white floorboards and the day I get to do whatever I want with it! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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