31 March 2015

March Fitness Update

End of another month so time for a fitness update! This month has been a bit of a mixed bag. The first 2 weeks were a bit of a failure with exercise with only 1 work out, whoops! But I managed to keep my diet relatively healthy with the help of My Fitness Pal. I'm sure you've heard of it but it's a really good app to track your calorie intake. I find it quite motivating to input the food and I'm less likely to scoff 2 bags of crisps if I know I'm going to see the calories written down in the app.

The third week of March was much better, my diet was really good and I managed to do 3 Kayla workouts and I was feeling so motivated. But then the last week I have been super ill. If you follow me on twitter I'm sure you will know this already as I've been doing a lot of whinging! I have such a bad chesty cough and headache etc so I've not done any exercise other than walking. I did try to do one of Kayla's workouts but it started with burpees and I only managed 3 before I had a coughing fit! I am really annoyed that I've got ill because I was feeling so so motivated. 

I have cut down a lot on my alcohol, which is great for all round health not just for loosing weight and I think me and my boyfriend are going to try to not really drink in April other than my birthday, of course! 

It's about a month until my birthday so that is my short-term motivation. Then obviously summer is coming which is my next motivation, I want to feel happy and confident in shorts and skirts which would not be the case right now. I also found this photo of me from last summer, I was about a stone lighter and I remember being really happy with my figure. I can barely do those shorts up now :( 

But I'm feeling positive that this photo was only about 8 months ago so I can clearly get back to that weight. I always have some ridiculously toned girl as my motivation but I know it's seriously unlikely I would ever have the commitment to look like that so I think it's much healthier for me to use my past self as motivation!

I have decided that in April I am going to do weekly fitness updates. I think this will help to keep me motivated and if I'm getting towards the end of the week having not done any exercise it will make me get my trainers out so I have something to write about!!

How are your fitness journey's going?



  1. Good luck with your journey! I've been meaning to make time for more exercise for weeks, I always feel much better when I do so I need to be better at that xo

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Don't feel bad about taking a break, your body needs it sometimes! I've kicked myself into gear this week.. made it to the gym 4/4 days and haven't cheated on my diet once (although I'm dreaming of a juicy bacon cheeseburger!). Good luck with your weight loss, you can do it!!

    Chrissy x


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