7 April 2015

Easter Weekend

My blog has had a bit of a lull over the Easter weekend, sorry about that! I went back home to the Midlands to spend some time with my family and friends. I ate a lot of chocolate and drank copious amounts of wine. But now it is back to reality which is starting with a run tonight!

So starting with an Easter selfie, I have been loving this make up look recently, shunning my usual gel eyeliner for soft brown eyeshadows with a bit of pencil eyeliner in the corners. Also, even though I didn't give the Benefit Roller Lash the nicest review, I have been continuing to use it and my opinion may be changing..if it does I will definitely update you!

On Monday I popped round to my friend Becki's house. We grew up round the corner from each other and have been besties since we were about 8! It was great to catch up with her and her boyfriend. AND she has the cutest little rabbit and she had just bought a lead so he was hopping around the garden having the time of his life!

Finally one of the most exciting parts of the weekend was that my gorgeous friend Ellie came back from New Zealand where she has been for 10 years!! She left England when we were only about 12 but we have managed to keep in touch which is awesome. I was so excited to see her and we caught up over several glasses of wine. I love how she has a full on New Zealand accent now!

I have had such a lovely weekend but now back to start the healthy eating and exercise again. 3 weeks today until my birthday so I need to get on it!!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)




  1. Your lashes look amazing! I've never actually tried the Benefit Roller Lash but in my opinion they look lovely x
    Wonderful post, hon!

    Hana x

  2. That's so amazing that you kept in touch for 10 years, how lovely to be reunited!! xx


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