30 April 2015

Finished by Folli Follie

Bracelets - Folli Follie*
Sunglasses - Folli Follie*

You might remember that I wrote my birthday wish list post here, Folli Follie then paired me with another blogger which was Holly from Rock on Holly. We got to pick accessories for each other and Folli Follie kindly sent them to us. Definitely go have a read of Holly's post here and see what accessories I picked for her.

I got these absolutely gorgeous bracelets, which are rose gold, silver and gold. They catch the sunlight so nicely and are definitely one of the nicest pieces of jewellery I own. I also got these aviator sunglasses, the only other pair of sunglasses I own are a pair I bought from a Spanish market years ago, so I was in definite need of an upgrade!

What do you think of the pieces Holly chose for me?


1 comment

  1. I really like the this bracelets. They are so simple but elegant. I have similar sunglasses and I love them so much. xo

    Antonia ||Sweet Passions


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