2 April 2015

Mental Health, Removing the Stigma

A lot of bloggers have written posts about mental health which I think is a great thing. So when the Priory Group got in touch to ask if I'd like to raise awareness, of course I said yes. You probably already know that I have suffered with anxiety myself since my 2nd year of university. I've mentioned it a few times on the blog, back in 2014 here and more recently here.

The Priory Group recently launched a campaign which is looking to raise awareness of the stigma and disbelief that students with mental health conditions receive from their classmates and, sadly, their teachers too. 

To me the statistic above unfortunately isn't that shocking. I know a lot of people who doubted my anxiety, who thought I was lazy, couldn't be bothered etc. It was hard because it often made me feel like I couldn't be honest about how I was truly feeling. I would lie and say I had no money, I had a migraine, or whatever excuse I could think of at the time. But I was lucky that I had a really supportive boyfriend and two amazing housemates who were really patient and understanding. 

There are awareness days such as University Mental Health and Wellbeing Day and charities such as Student Minds which are trying to create campuses where students can feel comfortable talking about their illness and be able to access any help they may need.

If you suffer with any form of mental health illness, I hope you feel comfortable to speak to those around you but if not there are lots of numbers you can call to speak to someone anonymously or email addresses if you're not comfortable with phone calls. 

MIND www.mind.org.uk 0300 123 3393
SANE Mental Health www.sane.org.uk 0845 767 8000
NHS Direct www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk 0845 4647
Young Minds www.youngminds.org.uk 0808 8020 5544
Priory Hospitals  www.priorygroup.com 0800 280 8176


*definitely NOT sponsored, just want to help raise awareness 


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  1. Great charity and really important post. Thanks for sharing! :)


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