21 April 2015

Review | Revlon Base and Top Coat

Review | Revlon Base and Top Coat

I've been trying out the Revlon base and top coat for the last two weeks, which involved 3 changes of nail polishes. I was drawn in by the packaging, I think the frosted glass looks really expensive. They are nail varnishes that I would be happy to have on display. They say they are fast drying, which is true. But unfortunately I think that is where the positives end.

I am an Essie addict and almost exclusive use Essie nail polishes every time I paint my nails. With my old combination of the OPI Nail Envy as a base and the Rimmel top coat my nail would last for 5 days with no chips. So this is the kind of lasting power I have come to expect. The Revlon duo did not live up to these expectations. The first time I used them my nail polish chipped the same day, so I thought maybe I used too thick layers by accident. So I gave them another go, but the same thing happened again. I don't know what it is about the formula but it doesn't seem to adhere to my nail meaning that I can just peel off my nail varnish, which on the one hand is so satisfying but a little annoying when I walk out the house and notice one nail is completely missing the nail varnish! 

I haven't changed anything else in my nail routine so it isn't any moisturiser I'm using and it definitely isn't my beloved Essie nail polishes. So unfortunately as lovely as these Revlon nail polishes look, I really would not recommend.

I'm still on the look out for great base/top coats, so please leave any recommendations in the comments!


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