23 June 2015

Wishlist | Double Denim

1. Flares

ASOS has become one of my go to online shops recently. One thing that makes them stand out is their stylists, you can talk to them on chat and they will give you tailored advice. I have done this before when I was looking for a dress for my birthday, I spoke to Rachel Bass and she was so unbelievably helpful! She completely listened to my feedback and tailored her choices to suit me. 

Another of my fave stylists is Megan who also has her own blog Pages By Megan, this post is definitely inspired by her love of double denim. I found the whole double denim trend quite intimidating but these items I've chosen from ASOS give it a more subtle look as the denim pieces are different colours. I actually wrote more about my love of denim in a guest post for JackpotJaneBingo!

What do you think of the double denim trend? 


*collaborative post

16 June 2015

Summer Playlist & Review of the Sudio Earphones

Sudio Earphones

Sudio Earphones

As a teenager I was obsessed with listening to music, and that obsession has returned. At my previous job I was never sat at a desk so didn't really have the opportunity to listen to music so I sort of forgot how much I enjoyed it. Whereas in my current job I work in an office environment and everyone has earphones in so I now listen to music for hours a day. I've actually found that music helps me to concentrate, especially if it's calmer music which I've heard before.

Sudio kindly sent me these earphones to try and I'm so pleased with them. I've got some bigger headphones from Frends but I don't always like having larger headphones on so some in-ear ones are perfect. These are the Två style*, they also do a style called Klang

"Klang works best for iPhone (does work on Android as well) and has one cord longer than the other, and the longer one goes behind your neck for the stay-in-ear function whereas Två features one button only to fit all devices and with two long cords"

The sound quality is really great, a million miles better than the crappy apple ones that come with your iPhone! The cord is a flat, matte black (they come in other colours too) which is really good because it means they don't get tangled in the bottom of your bag. They also come with a little case, but I am terrible at using it, although if you're more organised than me that could be really handy!

I would definitely recommend looking into these earphones, particularly if you're looking to upgrade from the ones that come with your phone but you don't want to spend a huge amount of money as these earphones are only €39 which is about £28! And use my code Aztecmess15 to get yourself a 15% discount!

I decided to include a playlist I made on Spotify with some of my favourite songs on at the moment. These definitely aren't songs to help you concentrate, more to get you in the summer mood! I don't claim to have a good taste in music - so don't judge me.

Hope you enjoy



14 June 2015

Learning to Balance my Diet

healthy food

I love food. Like, seriously. Burgers, steak, fish, salads, crisps - the lot. Although mainly savoury - sweet food is much less tempting to me. I love going out to eat, trying new restaurants, returning to old favourites. Just food and eating in general is probably my favourite activity.

But obviously this has an impact on my appearance, not just my weight, but also my energy levels, my skin and my bank balance! So I know I need to rein it in a bit and sort out my diet. As much as I would love to eat out as often as possible, I know that is not realistic.

I still want to be able to enjoy burgers and the full english breakfast at Bills *heart emoji*  so that just means that meals I make myself need to be healthier. I am a huge fan of salads, I love spinach and cherry tomatoes and then I top it with some kind of cheese, usually feta or goats cheese. Obviously I don't go too overboard with cheese! I have also become a little obsessed with sweet potato, to make the chips I drizzle about a teaspoon of oil on them and oven bake them for 10 mins on each side.

I think I am slowly starting to learn to eat everything in moderation which is progress! Do you have any tips on balancing your diet? Do you go by the 80:20 rule? It's one I'm trying to follow but I feel like it's definitely more 60:40 at the moment!!

Let me know any tips you have! 


12 June 2015

Friday Night Essentials

make up


I'm actually having a really chilled weekend this week for once! I'm off home to visit my family which will be lovely. But usually I love a good night out with my friends, going to pubs or out to clubs. So I thought I would talk you through some of my weekend essentials. 

My two make up necessities are bronzer and a lipstick. Obviously foundation and mascara etc are a given, but I have such a pale face that I feel like bronzer helps to stop me looking like a ghost. This one from Clarins has darker and lighter sections which means you can adapt it to your skintone. Along with this I usually want a bit of colour on my body too, for Christmas my mum bought me this Palmers Cocoa Butter tan. It's a spray tan which is not something I'm used to but is actually suprisingly easy to use! I always want to look a bit different to every day on a night out so I usually put on a red lipstick, this one from Mac Viva Glam is my current fave and lasts all night, even through the kebab on the way home ;).

Hair is the next thing to tackle, I am super lazy with my hair and am definitely a wash and go kind of girl. I keep telling myself I'll make more effort, but so far I haven't! On a night out I still go for messy waves so my favourite product is the Bumble and Bumble Texture creme

Finally is the heels. They look so good but oh my god, they can hurt! Firstly now it's summer I am wearing strappy heels which means you need to get your feet ready! The Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream* is awesome for this, apply it at night then go to sleep with some fuzzy socks on and in the morning they will be nice and smooth. As for actually wearing the heels, the Scholl Party Feet gel cushions* really really help with the ache that some heels can give. Even some heels I've dismissed as uncomfortable and swore I would never wear them again are made so much better by these little cushions.

What are you night out essentials? Anything you think I've missed?



8 June 2015

Wishlist | Interiors

Pineapple Cushion - £26 Oliver Bonas
Art Work - $20-200 dependent on size Minted
Tumblr - £5 Oliver Bonas
Marble Tray - £6.99 H&M

My boyfriend and I are planning to move into a flat just the two of us in September which is super exciting. This means interior shopping!! Home sections of department stores get me so excited, but I also want to try to find more independent shops online. 

Oliver Bonas is an obsession of mine, I already have two vases from there, one which you can see in the photo below. The flowers are from Blossoming Gifts* and they are absolutely gorgeous. They arrived safely with all flowers intact, which is always a worry of mine when I order flowers online. Flowers can sometimes be pretty pricey but they have a range of cheap flowers under £20 so you can still treat yourself!

So after buying lovely vases from Oliver Bonas I ended up having a look through their website and I absolutely love the Pineapple cushion, I think it would brighten up the living room. I also love coloured glassware so I really like this blue tumbler. I quite like it when glassware is all mix and match rather than one set design, so I'd probably buy one in each colour.

Obviously if you're a blogger you will have seen these H&M marble trays everywhere, so many bloggers I read like to use this as a background to their photos and that's exactly what I want it for! 

Lastly is this gorgeous piece of artwork from Minted, they stock independent artists which I think is really cool! There is so much choice so definitely go and have a browse. The prices are really reasonable as well, they depend on what size you get - so if you want a larger piece then you would have to be willing to pay a bit more. But I think lots of smaller pieces would look amazing on some shelves.

My interior taste is totally inspired by Kate from Gh0stparties, so if you want to drool over her gorgeous apartment then check out her blog and instagram!

Do you love shopping for interiors or do you just stick to fashion?


PS, Blossoming gifts have given me a code for you to use to get 33% off their online flowers! The code is : BGIFTS33 but bare in mind it excludes the flowers by post range.

7 June 2015

Exploring London

I've been living in London for about 8 months now. Still the best decision I've ever made! I told myself I would start to explore more, but in the Winter it was just too tempting to stay inside. As you can see by these photos, summer doesn't seem to have arrived properly yet - note the ominous rain clouds in almost every photo! However the rain has started to ease off, which makes exploring much nicer.

These are some of the snaps I've taken when I've been out and about. I absolutely love walking along the Thames and seeing all the traditional touristy things like Big Ben and the London Eye. I also saw the Air BnB house which was on the Thames for about a week!

Somerset House is one of my favourite places in London. I went at Christmas time with my mum which you can read about here, and I've since been back with my boyfriend to go to a photography exhibition. I just think the building is absolutely gorgeous and I imagine sitting outside with a nice cold drink will be so nice in summer. There is also a terrace over looking the Thames which I would quite like to go to and have some drinks.

I still have lots left to explore, I want to go to the Columbia Road Flower Market, so that's next on the agenda. Anywhere else you think I need to explore?


3 June 2015

Enjoy Life More

I was recently contacted to see if I would like to enter a competition - I know this is sometimes a sore point for bloggers who resent being asked to enter a competition for free. But I quite liked the idea of it and decided I would like to enter! The tag line of the competition is 'Enjoy Life More' as it is run by an e-cigarette company which encourages people to give up smoking. My dad smokes and my sister and I would love for him to quit and it's something we both feel quite passionate about. 

I was asked to choose a photo to enter which represents a memorable moment or a particular milestone in my life. Some entrants chose photos of their children but obviously I am not quite there yet! I chose this photo of me and my boyfriend and in the caption I wrote about the memorable moment that it represents to me.

'I have had issues with anxiety for about 5 years now but this photo has reminded me that when you overcome it, you can have an amazing day. My boyfriend who is in the photo has been a constant support and I don't know what I would do without him.'

I talk about my anxiety quite a lot and I'm really lucky that I now have an amazing group of friends who really try to understand how I feel. But back when this photo was taken I felt quite alone, I had a couple of friends who would try to understand but found it difficult. I relied so much on Tom and he was an absolute star even though it is something he has never experienced. He is so patient and sympathetic and never makes me feel stupid or like I'm over-reacting. So that's why I chose this moment for this competition.

I would love it if you could vote for me, you just have to sign in with your twitter or facebook and it doesn't let them post to your account or anything like that! If you would like to vote for me then please enter here.

Hope you're having a lovely week

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