3 June 2015

Enjoy Life More

I was recently contacted to see if I would like to enter a competition - I know this is sometimes a sore point for bloggers who resent being asked to enter a competition for free. But I quite liked the idea of it and decided I would like to enter! The tag line of the competition is 'Enjoy Life More' as it is run by an e-cigarette company which encourages people to give up smoking. My dad smokes and my sister and I would love for him to quit and it's something we both feel quite passionate about. 

I was asked to choose a photo to enter which represents a memorable moment or a particular milestone in my life. Some entrants chose photos of their children but obviously I am not quite there yet! I chose this photo of me and my boyfriend and in the caption I wrote about the memorable moment that it represents to me.

'I have had issues with anxiety for about 5 years now but this photo has reminded me that when you overcome it, you can have an amazing day. My boyfriend who is in the photo has been a constant support and I don't know what I would do without him.'

I talk about my anxiety quite a lot and I'm really lucky that I now have an amazing group of friends who really try to understand how I feel. But back when this photo was taken I felt quite alone, I had a couple of friends who would try to understand but found it difficult. I relied so much on Tom and he was an absolute star even though it is something he has never experienced. He is so patient and sympathetic and never makes me feel stupid or like I'm over-reacting. So that's why I chose this moment for this competition.

I would love it if you could vote for me, you just have to sign in with your twitter or facebook and it doesn't let them post to your account or anything like that! If you would like to vote for me then please enter here.

Hope you're having a lovely week


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