12 June 2015

Friday Night Essentials

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I'm actually having a really chilled weekend this week for once! I'm off home to visit my family which will be lovely. But usually I love a good night out with my friends, going to pubs or out to clubs. So I thought I would talk you through some of my weekend essentials. 

My two make up necessities are bronzer and a lipstick. Obviously foundation and mascara etc are a given, but I have such a pale face that I feel like bronzer helps to stop me looking like a ghost. This one from Clarins has darker and lighter sections which means you can adapt it to your skintone. Along with this I usually want a bit of colour on my body too, for Christmas my mum bought me this Palmers Cocoa Butter tan. It's a spray tan which is not something I'm used to but is actually suprisingly easy to use! I always want to look a bit different to every day on a night out so I usually put on a red lipstick, this one from Mac Viva Glam is my current fave and lasts all night, even through the kebab on the way home ;).

Hair is the next thing to tackle, I am super lazy with my hair and am definitely a wash and go kind of girl. I keep telling myself I'll make more effort, but so far I haven't! On a night out I still go for messy waves so my favourite product is the Bumble and Bumble Texture creme

Finally is the heels. They look so good but oh my god, they can hurt! Firstly now it's summer I am wearing strappy heels which means you need to get your feet ready! The Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream* is awesome for this, apply it at night then go to sleep with some fuzzy socks on and in the morning they will be nice and smooth. As for actually wearing the heels, the Scholl Party Feet gel cushions* really really help with the ache that some heels can give. Even some heels I've dismissed as uncomfortable and swore I would never wear them again are made so much better by these little cushions.

What are you night out essentials? Anything you think I've missed?




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