14 June 2015

Learning to Balance my Diet

healthy food

I love food. Like, seriously. Burgers, steak, fish, salads, crisps - the lot. Although mainly savoury - sweet food is much less tempting to me. I love going out to eat, trying new restaurants, returning to old favourites. Just food and eating in general is probably my favourite activity.

But obviously this has an impact on my appearance, not just my weight, but also my energy levels, my skin and my bank balance! So I know I need to rein it in a bit and sort out my diet. As much as I would love to eat out as often as possible, I know that is not realistic.

I still want to be able to enjoy burgers and the full english breakfast at Bills *heart emoji*  so that just means that meals I make myself need to be healthier. I am a huge fan of salads, I love spinach and cherry tomatoes and then I top it with some kind of cheese, usually feta or goats cheese. Obviously I don't go too overboard with cheese! I have also become a little obsessed with sweet potato, to make the chips I drizzle about a teaspoon of oil on them and oven bake them for 10 mins on each side.

I think I am slowly starting to learn to eat everything in moderation which is progress! Do you have any tips on balancing your diet? Do you go by the 80:20 rule? It's one I'm trying to follow but I feel like it's definitely more 60:40 at the moment!!

Let me know any tips you have! 


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