16 June 2015

Summer Playlist & Review of the Sudio Earphones

Sudio Earphones

Sudio Earphones

As a teenager I was obsessed with listening to music, and that obsession has returned. At my previous job I was never sat at a desk so didn't really have the opportunity to listen to music so I sort of forgot how much I enjoyed it. Whereas in my current job I work in an office environment and everyone has earphones in so I now listen to music for hours a day. I've actually found that music helps me to concentrate, especially if it's calmer music which I've heard before.

Sudio kindly sent me these earphones to try and I'm so pleased with them. I've got some bigger headphones from Frends but I don't always like having larger headphones on so some in-ear ones are perfect. These are the Två style*, they also do a style called Klang

"Klang works best for iPhone (does work on Android as well) and has one cord longer than the other, and the longer one goes behind your neck for the stay-in-ear function whereas Två features one button only to fit all devices and with two long cords"

The sound quality is really great, a million miles better than the crappy apple ones that come with your iPhone! The cord is a flat, matte black (they come in other colours too) which is really good because it means they don't get tangled in the bottom of your bag. They also come with a little case, but I am terrible at using it, although if you're more organised than me that could be really handy!

I would definitely recommend looking into these earphones, particularly if you're looking to upgrade from the ones that come with your phone but you don't want to spend a huge amount of money as these earphones are only €39 which is about £28! And use my code Aztecmess15 to get yourself a 15% discount!

I decided to include a playlist I made on Spotify with some of my favourite songs on at the moment. These definitely aren't songs to help you concentrate, more to get you in the summer mood! I don't claim to have a good taste in music - so don't judge me.

Hope you enjoy




  1. These sound great! I've always just had the Apple ones but would love to try some better quality ones x

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